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  1. Interesting story about the “blood”. Just the other night I was reading that one of the witnesses to the blood said it was 10-15 feet from the south west corner of the TSBD. That puts it in an entirely different location from this account. Maybe this is red pop and the other was blood and somehow the 2 tales were mixed up?
    Another thought…if there was a car and a shooter on the knoll between the fence and the pergola – as purportedly seen by some in the Nix film before it disappeared – this couple would have run smack into the shooter had they run up the walk to try to escape. I’m not convinced there was a car and shooter there, but if true and these 2 were witnesses, I wonder if the reason they’ve never been heard from is because they were killed.

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    • The black couple are spotted in the Jimmy Darnell check the video out on you tube and you can see the black woman is holding a baby their just standing away from the bench.
      Marilyn was right there was a black couple sitting on the bench.


  2. Nice work, Gayle. Very informative. Do we know for sure that Hood’s photo DID NOT survive?


  3. I hadnt seen before this man on the knoll bench area and pool of blood report but the preliminary assessment I draw from this is that there was another rifleman standing behind the fence where Badgeman was alleged to be (=Badgeman) and he may have shot a honest service service man deliberately, or a bystander by mistake, when targeting JFK.

    This is very interesting because I have always had doubts about the angle and firing position that Badgeman could have hit JFK. Lately I have had doubts Badgemen existed as no shot from him can be accounted for. Now we may know why.

    Alternatively the man shot may be another decoy, or that whoever was shot may have be the real intended patsy (or second patsy) for the day and something went wrong.

    Or even someone unconnected with the assassination squad and just a rogue lone assassin who was doing his own thing or acting for someone else who got in the way.

    It also explains why we see a lot of bystanders in film footage running to the knoll bench area rather than the picket fence on the railroad overpass side. That has always puzzelled me.

    It would appear whoever was shot was injured and fled or left the scene fast.

    The lack of witness evidence about seeing a wounded man, who would have not fled if he were secret service or a cop unless he chased whoever shot him, therefore may indicate it was either another assassin, someone trying to thwart the shooters (DPD or FBI or other person working with Tippit & Oswald), or maybe even one of Jack Rubys people.

    So we are left with either an accidental shooting there or a deliberate one.

    We must ask here is what did DPD Det. Buddy Walthers know about this as he is reported to have some important info that day ?

    I could foresee now a possible plot where they had to have 2 gunmen officially firing at JFK – one from TSBD 6th Floor and another from the Knoll. Oswald was the patsy for the TSBD so theyd needed another patsy for the knoll area. Was whoever was shot someone known to Oswald – perhaps the other young man who was handing out Fair Play for Cuba Movement leaflets in New Orleans several months before, or some Cuban ?

    If it was a Cuban, was he the guy driving the the green Rambler stationwagon Oswald seen getting into later ?

    And if it was the other young man Oswald was working with in New Orleans, and he died later, given issues disclosed casting doubt about who was buried at Rose Hill, was it his body that was buried in Oswalds grave ?


  4. The other possibility of whose blood may be in this grassy knoll bench area is that uniformed soldier Gordon ARNOLD, who was standing close to that position filming with his camera, was hit.

    He appears to be the mystery “Black Dog Man” seen on many photos.

    In his interview in Nigel Turners tv documentary series (Ephisode 2) Arnold claimed he heard a bullet fly past his ear and he immediately fell to the ground.

    Senator Yarborough in the motorcade confirmed he saw a man near the knoll fence dive for cover after the shots were fired.

    But was the real truth he was hit and left the area immediately to get medical attention asap ?

    Officially they couldnt have ANYONE being hit or claiming he avoided being hit from behind in that location as it would alibi Oswalds claim he didnt shoot anyone – nor could they allow his film to be known or seen – so Arnold was whisked away somewhere to recover.

    It is possible Arnold was the army’s cameraman there that day and if he was hit or grazed was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    This assessment is somewhat supported by the fact that we never see Arnold again in photos or films after those moments when JFK was shot. So that means he disappeared fast.

    I could imagine that if Arnold had simply been told to film the motorcade and not known what was going to happen (which is highly likely based on logic* and what is standard procedure for those personnel not fully briefed who are just helpers), when he was hit he would have made immediate efforts to get his bleeding contained and not sought to chase his assailant.

    ( * I cant see Arnold, if he knew about that assassination before it happened, locating himself & his camera where he would be in the firing line of bullets).

    One other possibility is Arnold injured himself as he dived for cover – which explains the blood.
    Perhaps he hit the bench or brick fence and cut himself badly ?



    I was thinking about this whole web of evidence and what fits the 1978 House Committee findings of 2 people shooting at JFK, one from TSBD & one from the knoll fence area, is in fact what Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig observed. Its now a pity Craig’s evidence was suppressed at the time.

    Craig saw Oswald run the down the knoll and get into a station wagon driven by someone who looked like a Cuban. The railroad tower operator behind TSBD said he saw a station wagon driving around in the carpark near the fence half an hour before the shooting.

    All this raises the possibility that the Cuban in the wagon may have been the man shooting from the picket fence area. So Oswald and his accomplace flee the scene.

    As nobody knows for sure what went on in TSBD or the knoll we cant rule this out but I suspect if they had Oswald shooting he would have done so from the south west window of the 6th floor as a single pot shot and then fled down the nearby stairs and out via the loading dock. Maybe thats what he was supposed to do but didnt (because his rifle was missing) and the Cuban was to escape from the area with him and drop him off somewhere in Oak Cliff. Or alternatively he understood his rifle was there with the story he was going hunting with the building manager on the Saturday but someone else was to appropriate it and shoot JFK with it.

    Its also relevant where the TSBD lunchroom was, in the rear north west side, there were windows nearby there where he could see the car park picket fence area and whoever was there shooting.
    When confronted by the motorcycle cop running up the stairs it appears he had just gone into the lunchroom from that observation position. Oswald was therefore also a material witness as to who shot from the picket fence.

    We therefore can really ignore this Cuban and station wagon fact and reseachers need to try and find out who was driving it.

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