7 comments on “Marydale Farm and the St Francisville connection to the assassination

  1. Great article. I can’t recall exactly and I don’t have my copy of Joan Mellen’s book here, but I seem to remember that she wrote Oswald may have been filmed/photographed at this place with anti-Castro Cubans. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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    • Thanks for your comment. Are you sure it was Marydale Farm and not somewhere like Lake Ponchartrain? I have not heard of sightings of LHO at Marydale although I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been there, what with being seen in the neighbouring area that summer. (Grassy Knoll Girl)

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  2. My name is Chanceley Sylvester Wilson
    Daughter of Jerry Sylvester. I would be interested in talking to anyone with information linked to my father thatight lead to more information to his life and death. The same Jerry Sylvester born in ville Platte living in Clinton la at the time of his death in a private plane crash in Gurley Louisiana


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