6 comments on “Jack Ruby, It’s One or the Other by Rob Clark

  1. Judyth Vary Baker worked on an injectable fast acting cancer virus with Dr Mary Sherman (murdered just before her testimony for the WC in 64) in New Orleans in the summer of 63. Death by cancer about 30 days after injection. Lung cancer. Ruby was given massive xrays at Parkland as well (this stimulates the process). Ruby complained of being injected with cancer. Everyone thought he was nuts at the time. A catch phrase was “temporary insanity” at the time. Read Me And Lee.


    • I have read it, here’s the problem with that scenario. The cancer was in his bronchial tubes…his airway. This can only be from inhalation, not injection. It would been in his blood stream and affected other organs first. Also, this “injectable cancer” had maybe a week or two life span and couldn’t be stock piled, and everyone working on it and knew the process to make it in New Orleans was dead by then. Sherman, Oswald, and Ferrie all dead. Delusions of a condemned, paranoid man.


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