15 comments on “THE MURDER OF J.D. TIPPIT by S.r. Dusty Rohde

  1. dep sheriff Roger Craig said he heard a call come in on police radio that a police officer was shot. Craig was investigating with others at the Tx School Book Dep. He looked at his watch and it read 1:06 or 1:07.


    • Well that confirms what I said about Helen Marhams original statement of 1.06pm.
      Everyones watches and clocks can’t on 22 Nov 1963 be out.

      And in those pre-quartz watch days most people would check their watch against radio news time at breakfast or lunch etc…, as people knew they could be fast or slow.


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  5. Your finding the 1.15pm time of death for Tippit now makes me wonder whether Helen Markhams statement that he was shot at 1.06 pm was right .

    This is even allowing for the fact electric clocks and watches in those days were often out by a minute or two sometimes even more. I remember when at junior school in 1971 how out the school clock was in classroom built in 1961- I seem to recall it was 3 minutes out relative to the schools end classtime siren.

    Markham apparently firmly stated the time was 1.06pm and I suspect the confusion of her evidence relates to the fact she saw only part of what went on and was not on the street corner but further up the road when she heard the shots. She would not be stating 1.06pm if she was a rent-a-witness.
    This is mentioned in Mark Lane’s book.

    I have come to conclusion much of the Tippit witnesses original statements were right then and in subsequent interviews, but they later changed facts on some points so as to not get into strife, and also by identifying Oswald. Markham and Callaway. They would have received rewards for doing so.

    It is likely Markham and Callaway knew each other as she walked that way to catch a bus and go to shops so one avenue of enquiry may be to see if you anyone can find out if she had bought car from him or they were friends or involved with each other.

    A friend of mine was a car dealer and he was always doing things for the local cops, and most of them will do anything for a dollar and not to have any problems with their dealers license.

    I could foresee a situation where car dealer Callaway who regularly dealt with police and their enquires co-operated to ID Oswald and if he knew Markham may have phoned her to get down here, or talked to her when she arrived anyway and said “The boys need some help – youll be rewarded”. I guarantee Det Hill spoke to Callaway later that day, and Markham too, when both were taken to a lineup.

    One must remember it is the only rational thing they could do otherwise they would have been targets for bullets too.


  6. Despite of all the efforts of everyone to find out who-dunnit & how-they-dunnit we must all reflect on the consequences of Kennedy continuing in office.

    While the Peace Corps and the Space Program he set into motion were pluses, the effect of demilitarization would have been disasterous for the US and world economy. Much of US industry and investment at that time was defence related and a wind down of it could have caused a depression, stock and commodity market slump and bankrupcy of main industires. We may not have computer industry at the stage we have today with out it as much of the funding came from Govt.
    While Viet Nam was a strategic and political error it did ensure the Soviets did not advance and overtake the West. VietNam put tens of billions into the economy and prevents market slumps which was a basis for future growth, even though the inflationary effects caused stagnation in the 1970s.

    Its a pity they could not have found are more humane way to remove him like some drug that disabled him, making him medically unable to continue.

    There may also be other issues of what he was doing that have never been disclosed that caused his removal, perhaps associated with MJ-12. The Cold War was I suspect a cover for something much bigger that was happening.



    An interesting fact is the vehicle that took Oswald to the hospital – the so called ambulance – was not an ambulance with paramedics in it, but a HEARSE. It was a white ONeal collection vehicle.

    If they were really going to try to save Oswald why wasnt a real ambulance called, and why did 2 detectives get in the back when there was one in the front seat ?

    There were no paramedics attending him.

    They deliberately booked a hearse, and it was probably done and enroute before the shooting occurred.

    Also, given that Oswalds wound wasnt seemingly fatal how was it that he died of the wound later ?
    What went on on the way to the hospital ?

    These are issues I am not aware anyone has raised before.



    If we take the claims of Oswald’s alleged lover Judith Baker as true that he was drawn into a the other groups assassination plans and he was trying save the President (and all that is a colourful story) with the assistance on one or two others, several facets come to light.

    Did Oswald try to sabotarge the shooting that day ?
    Had he been recruited to be a shooter on the 6th floor and bring in the rifle he bought but instead took a pkt of curtain rods, then defiantly stayed on the 2nd floor lunchroom when the motocade went by ? Then did he flee the scene with the assistance of another TSBD staff member in a station wagon ?

    But more relevant did he recruit officer Tippit (who was honest) to assist him – to get him to intercept anyone following him home ? Is this why Tippit took up position at the Gloco station near the freeway off ramp ? And why he was ultimately killed by those who had followed Oswald ?

    This sabotarge idea has validity to some extent because Oswalds own rifle was never found nor was any fingerprints found on the rifle claimed was his, nor in the snipers nest on the 6th floor. The absence of them meant was no evidence against him. It also explains the curtain rods.

    If he had not brought in his rifle that day it would have caused all sorts of problems. Another would have to have been found and a delay in locating it would be caused. And no prints.


    ALTERNATIVELY Oswald Completely Not Involved –

    Was Oswald being setup without him having knowledge of the assassination but merely thought his role at TSBD was part of his anti-Castro activities ?

    Was he simply told to go home by the building manager after the JFK shooting as the police where in the building and he hitched ride with another employee ? If so he would have been followed. On the way he would have been wondering what the hell was going on. When he gets home he hears his name on radio and TV then decides to go to the safest place he can hide – the Texas Theatre. He may have hitched ride in a passing car down there and later the scared driver didnt come forward. Did he phone someone from his home to later collect him from the theatre (David Ferry?).

    Meanwhile Tippit had seen him coming off the freeway and pursues the car but loses him.
    Tippit later sees the wagon that carried Oswald and backtracks 10th Street and runs into the people following Oswald who are waiting at the nearest place Oswald can rent a car, or where Oswalds Cuban activities are carried out. They want him killed.

    If so in order for his pursurers to explain how they would apprehend him (ie know where he was) did they need a cop shot to focus attention on the area he was in ? Is that why they shot Tippit and then tried to blame it on him so angry DPD officers would decend on the Theatre and shoot him trying to resist arrest ? Was that the plan to get the DPD to kill Oswald so there would be no messy trial ?

    We must also ask whether Oswald made a beeline for 10th Street where his Cuban storehouse was and as he was arriving walking from the east saw the shooting of Tippit. Then he fled to the Theatre . Is that why some people like Markham saw him walking east then jumped a fence and went down an alley ? If so is this why there is confusion over the man seen walking west ( ie there were 2 of them) ? Having seen Tippit shot is that why he was so jumpy outside the Theatre ?

    These are lines of inquiry we need to look into in this investigation.


  9. Tippit’s actions that day are very suspect. I think Tippit was a linchpin in the occurrences that day. Was Tippit the cop LHO’s landlady saw/heard honk in front of LHO’s rooming house, during the 3-4 minutes he was there? I have to think so.

    Was JDT the shooter on the Grassy Knoll? Was he then to pick up LHO and somehow establish his patsiness?

    I think the above is true in that JDT seems to be the cause of half of the DPD descending on Oakcliff 45 minutes after JFK was shot. That many cops would not show up for someone who at the time was only reported to have entered the Texas Theater w/out paying.

    I don’t think LHO fired a shot that day. I think he realized as soon as JFK was shot that he was THE patsy. This is just my own personal, correct opinion, but I think everything in Oakcliff was staged as a set up.


    • Hello Scott. The fact that Tippit returned the Spanish language book earlier that morning, suggests to me he was likely trying to improve his Spanish because he was aware of the presence of anti-Castro Cubans and their activities in and around Dallas. I don’t think it was Tippit who honked in front of LHO’s rooming house at all, it was most likely the fake DPD car #107, reported by witnesses as being at the murder scene. Since the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle wasn’t actually found until 1:22pm, then I’d have to agree that the number of police officers who responded to the Texas Theater for a person who snuck into the theater without paying is very odd. Nor do I think they could have figured out in 23 minutes (time of Oswald’s arrest) that the MC rifle belonged to Oswald. I’m not sure off the top of my head what time the second roll call was taken by Mr. Truly at the TSBD, but they weren’t sure until the second roll call was taken of who all was still unaccounted for.


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