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    • Well Glenn, that’s a good question. My guess would be that Frazier brought it in after dropping Oswald off at the building that morning. 3 eyewitnesses saw him park his car alone that morning, and even replied to one inquiry “I dropped him off at the building”. Odd too is the story of Frazier going back into the building, he says to the basement to eat his lunch alone…but it would have been the perfect opportunity to set up the sniper’s nest and plant the gun. Another possibility is Michael Paine. Oswald alluded to “leaving her out of it” when told there was a witness to him getting in a station wagon. He had easy access to the gun, he and Oswald were getting more friendly in the weeks leading up to the assassination, and he did resemble Oswald. Same color hair, same hairstyle, same emaciated appearance, about the same age. It surely didn’t come in Frazier’s alleged 2 ft. long package, it just couldn’t be broken down to be that short.


  1. Great article. Some information.

    I have not verfied any of this but one source I have told me that the package Oswald took to TSBD (whether it had curtain rods in it or not) was taken on the PREVIOUS DAY to the assassination and Frazier was pressured into changing the date.

    This is why he would have passed a polygraph test if one was ever done.

    It was the same day that Mr Truly TSBD manager had brought in his rifle.

    If such a package was taken it probably contained something else as Oswald would have no need to for curtain rods at a rented rooming house where the landlady would have been responsible for such issues, and as I understand it, Oswald was renting the front room there there were already curtains on the windows. So if any pkt was ever taken to TSBD by Oswald we can only wonder what it contained and where it ended up. Certainly not long enough to be a Cacarno rifle.

    And if it was the previous day or so no wonder it wasn’t found or seen by others that assassination day – especially if it was for Marina, his mother or brother or someone else delivered later that day.

    Frazier said in Nigel Turners documentary he dropped Oswald off and went to park his car.

    They’ve lied, twisted and distorted facts so much on this incident its hard these days to know what are facts and what are not. I would add I feel sympathy for DPD officers back then as higher authorities were directing them what to do and I know most of them werent too happy about what was going on and being done to Oswald, and some have left us clues to follow.


  2. On another issue I found a photo of the Grassy Knoll which on high magnification you can see the 3 tramps at the picket fence. Left to right are the young tramp, old tramp, and tall tramp next to the tree arms up holding something.

    If they were the shooting team the young one probably hid the rifle once it was fired – probably tossed it into the boot of a car.

    This must be an untampered with photo as many online have been altered. But this one looks genuine. Badgeman is an invention.

    You cant see them in Mary Moorman’s photo because of the fact she is standing at a lower elevation than needed and the brick fence is in the way, and also because of the overexposure of the awful polaroid instant pic that she used.

    Another picture I looked at containing this “black dog man” image to me appears it might be the soldier with the point cloth cap bending over checking his camera (if he was ever there to start with).

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  3. Last Post – Error -sorry correct that – the tall tramp isnt holding anything but a few moments later might be ? Were they decoys for Badgeman ?


  4. Theres even more to the story than I disclosed. It was alleged (and again I can verify this) that it was Hosty that asked Frazier to change the story about when the pkt was taken.

    As we know Ruth Paine and Frazier lived near each other and Paine got Oswald the job at TSBD allegedly thru Frazier. They themselves may have been manipulated too by someone like Bannister.

    It is thought Hosty and Paine were Oswalds handlers* who had both Oswald and Frazier in at TSBD investigating subversive activities** – the intital claim was the TSBD was gun running operation into Cuba in contravention of Kennedys agreement with Kruschev. Paine was probably in Dealey Plaza on the day that why her station wagon took Oswald out of the area – to lay low – he stopped off at home to get a jacket and the fake ID – then went to hide in the theatre.

    * Perhaps working for Robert Kennedys office ?
    Hosty was one of 12 agents reprimanded for investigative “improprieties” after the release of the Warren Report, and was transferred to the FBI’s Kansas City office until his mandatory retirement in 1979. Hosty was also of Irish ancestry and catholic which would put in in the Kennedy camp. Having upset the Warren Commission he must have been Oswald friendly.

    ** That is also the gist of what Jim Garrison was looking into.

    J D Tippit, who may have been surveilling Oswald for DPD (making sure their lamb to the slaughter wasnt harmed, but JD didnt know the true reason), or alternatively as part of Hosty’s team, either interferred with those tailing Oswald, and later went hunting for Oswald and wouldnt back off looking for the Presidential gunman; or alt. if working with Hosty, Tippit went down to 410 Tenth Street to check out where Oswald had been operating from to see if it was safe for him to be taken there from the theatre, but the other side were waiting for Oswald and it was Tippit who got blasted.

    I think Oswald could prob only have got to the theatre one of 2 ways – either via the station wagon waiting out in the back street (5th Street), or if Tippit took him***.

    ***Why this is a vaild theory is because Tippit had worked as a security guard at the Texas Theatre previously and it may have been him who suggested it was a place to lay low if problems occurred.
    Perhaps a pre-arranged alternate safe location. Tippit had time to do so.

    I suspect 410 Tenth Street was the place Oswalds Cuban activities were been conducted from and were probably owned by Ruby or one of his associates. The other side found out about it and figured Oswald would head there for safety and he would be ambushed like K but instead Tippit was.

    We must also assess whether Tippits interception of the station wagon was him looking for Oswald to protect him, and perhaps the driver asked him to collect Oswald, then check out 410 (but only vague directions to the house was known by the driver). It also may have been Hosty that Tippit was trying to ring when he was at the Record Store.

    MAIN PLAN – The assassination plotters had to have someone (Oswald) blamed for the JFK killing, so he either had to be killed that day, or had planned an escape for him in which case he was to be decoy. They didnt want a trial with pleas of not guilty. There is evidence for both of those scenarios.

    If the plan was kill Oswald -afterTippit was shot they obviously didnt know where he was so they planted the grey jacket as evidence and expected a cop killer police manhunt to deal with him, however their plans were foiled by Brewer at the shoe shop noticing Oswald and calling local cops who got there first – which meant he was taken alive. So he had to be killed later. By blaming Oswald they also compromised Bobby Kennedy in the hours and days after the assassination as he was one of his people. Had Bobby, as Attorney General, started his own investigation (and Johnson couldnt have publically stopped him or sack him without arising suspicion of his involvement) then this coverup wouldnt have worked. Bobbys docile response indicates that Oswald was part of his operations.

    Hosty in fact disclosed that fact in one interview that Bobby wanted CIA investigations in Mexico City about Oswald ceased.

    If the plan was for Oswald to be decoy – perhaps fly to Cuba – then Tippit interferred and screwed things up as did Brewer. Tippits probable chasing of the station wagon with Oswald in caused Oswald to have to hide in the theatre rather than go to 410. Then Tippits arrival at 410 resulted in a confrontation with its guard and him being shot dead. That caused DPD to decend on Oak Cliff and via Brewer further screwing things up resulted in local police getting to Oswald before the escape team did. And once in custody he became a liability.

    But the main fact that negates this decoy scenario is that someone was planting a grey jacket near the Tippit shooting before Oswald was spotted thereby pinning Tippits murder on Oswald and causing a police manhunt for his killer (they wouldnt have wanted Oswald fingered for Tippits murder or police in the area). Also a flight to Cuba would be risky as they wouldnt know how Castro would react as he may have sent him back for trial. Also if Oswald had not been one of Bobbys team, ie working for the assassination plotters, then use of him would not have been able to silence Bobby.

    By taking out Oswald they killed the anti Castro plans of JFK, they silenced Bobby and they broke up the anti-Castro team.

    If whats above is the correct assessment then Hosty and Paine were in a difficult situation afterwards – they were honest Govt employees and the boss had just changed. So they had to go with the flow and be part of the coverup.

    Hosty, Paine, Frazier and Marina I suspect know a lot more about what happened than they have disclosed. Marina lived with Paine – she saw and heard.

    Its implied from the events there were 2 groups at work – the Kennedys lot including some mob people wanting to covertly destablize Cuba for monetary restitution, for 1964 re-election purposes and show the CIA they could do what they couldnt; and the others who didnt want them succeeding or want Cuba neutralized because it suited there interests to have that villian there (and thats evident because Johnson nor Nixon never did anything against Castro later).

    When the balance of power shifted the Hosty & Paine people had to do as they were told, and probably by Bobby Kennedy as well.


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