1. Funny stuff but clearly Coogan is a dickhead who thinks of himself as some sort of Research Community God, ready to kiss the asses of all those inferior to him. This King of the Hill stuff is boring and worse — it very hurts the search for truth and smells of divide and conquer. Yes the Fetzer gang is a bunch of fools, but we all already know that. There was lots of Fetzer-dumping in these two shows but not much of Coogan’s own research. Good job by Rob though.


    • Thank you sir, Hankey, King, and the OIC crew have been bad mouthing these guys for a long time especially Coogan. The dude is a good and thorough researcher published on many reputable sites, and its through real, honest, hard work research he can speak from the position he does…he’s earned it in my opinion. He hadn’t had a verbal outlet to respond to their nonsense and shenanigans to say what he wanted to say, how he wanted to say it. I was more than happy to oblige. The dirty work being done, me and Seamus are hopefully going to talk more in the future about his actual research…stay tuned and thanks for listening! – Rob


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