3 comments on “The Missing Fingerprints by S.r. Dusty Rohde

  1. Dusty

    I hadnt seen this this webpage of yours before about these fingerprints off Tippits squad car but I can advise you I know someone who has a document with fingerprints of the man who shot Tippit on it. And this is not me spinning a story.

    At the time that document was written by that man and obtained that person didnt know exactly who he was, but we can possiblly get it tested. The only issue will be if the man in fact touched the car but you could summize he may have leaned on the hood especially given he was a fat man with body weight to support.

    Do you know what part of the car this print came from ?

    As you can realize from my previous posts I know who he is but the reason I havent named him is because firstly nothing will be done about it, and secondly there are complex issues outside the US to do with him. The man is still alive and involved in his usual deceptions but eventually the historical record will require a disclosure. He was definitely in Oak Cliff and outside TSBD that day and he’s the only one who fits all the witness decriptions.



    There are a number of things that havent been explained about the assassination that I point out here.

    The final 3rd or 4th shot at Kennedy which blew his head apart splitting it in two if you look at a the Zupruder film could only have been caused by an exploding bullet – fulminate of mercury type. Nobody has ever suggested Oswald had any such ammo which would have been very hard to acquire particularly for a rare calibre rifle like the Carcarno was. And they alleged his rifle had an unused round in the magazine which was a full metal jacket type. It would be highly unusual to mix ammo types and I would also add dangerous to put in a mercury cartridge in the box mag the carcarno had for risk of detonation. Mercury cartridges are suppose to be hand loaded for single shot use.

    Nobody has ever explained where or who were the people replacing the floor on the 6th floor were nor can I find any witness statements from them. If they were there how come they didnt see Oswald on the 6th floor or going up to it ?

    Nobody has ever explained how they could at the time (the 20 minutes thereafter) link Oswald to the Tippit killing and justfy a manhunt for him. It could have been anybody in Oak Cliff especially as they claim Tippit didnt know Oswald and Oswald didnt fit the description who was age 30 so Tippit wouldnt have had cause to pull him over walking down the street. And no DPD report ever said the man who Tippit fleeing west was early 20s slender build etc….



    DPD Officer Marion Baker who raced up the stairs in TSBD to allegedly encounter Oswald on the second floor lunchroom within 90 seconds, as many of you may know, stated in his sworn statement of 22 Nov 1963 that he had an encounter with a 30 year old man leaving the stairway on the 3rd or 4th floor. Note also he doesnt mention it being next to the lunchroom.

    See http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/baker_m3.htm

    If this was Oswald that DOES place him in the timeline to have shot from the 6th floor and hide a rifle.

    But we have to ask the question was this someone else that Baker encountered as Oswald wasnt 30 and didnt look 30 years old ? Is this the missing suspect / patsy I have speculated before? Or has Baker merely tailored his description in his statement to match the radio report of the suspect that was broadcast ? Or was he confused in counting the flights of stairs as to which floor it was on as what would be ground level was above ground level ? Or did in addition to this Baker also see Oswald on the 2 second floor ?

    By reports Oswald was not wearing a brown jacket at that time only a white short sleeve shirt. He only obtained a brown jacket when he got to his 1026 Beckley Rooming House.

    A possible candidate for Bakers report most likely would be Billy Lovelady as he had on a brown jacket later, and he was in his late 20s. But it could be someone else.

    This does leave some doubt about what went on and given these conflicting reports no wonder the Warren Commission was confused about some things.

    ( I would also add 90 seconds is sufficient time for someone on the 6th floor to hide rifle and then get down the the 2nd floor lunchroom ).


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