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  1. Thank you, Intel Man. Just a couple of quick points.

    There is so much information to read and attempt to digest and understand about the events surrounding 22 Novemeber. All one can really do, is form overall impressions and go on instinct, an instinct built up by living life, of things that sound true.

    As soon as I read your reply about why the Dallas police allowed Oswald to speak and the things he said and reasons for doing so – they all rang true. If they ring true, which as I say, they certainly do with me, then we have a conspiracy – people lying, acting covertly and generally creating a very confusing picture. Who was involved and to what extent, why the full truth has never emerged, I ‘m not sure we’ll ever really know.

    Additionally, the fact, higlighted in your answers, that Oswald/Tippit/Ruby all knew each other and had some sort of pre-existing relationships with each other is surely also a certain indicator of conspiracy.

    I know that my mind is made up. Oswald was a patsy, in way over his head, only seeing a very partial picture of what was going on, not only on the day, but of the wider political picture too.



      Andy, I could have said a lot more but trick is to know how to sift thru all the dross because those involved know the best way to hide the truth is with a bodyguard of lies.

      Look for the lies and you will discover the truth.

      And I want to say – about those involved in all that that day – it amazes me theyd employ people like that – who where so stupid in the way things were setup and went – particularly the man that shot Tippit who was running things. Most of us could have done a much better job. There must have been a shortage of good people around in the 1950s. And that view is evidenced by evidence some of them – the low level helpers – got caught almost 10 years later regards a breakin into a certain hotel-office complex in an east coast city.

      Im fairly certain there were more DPD officers in Oak Cliff than has been admitted and both sides converged on the Texas Theatre at the same time – luckily Oswalds people got there first which saved him from being shot while resisting arrest in the Theatre. The rapid arrival by the media in Oak Cliff may have been due to Oswalds people tipping them off as there was crew there within 10 minutes of Tippit being shot.

      One of the half truths in everything is that the offical story is J D Tippit died confronting the Presidential gunman – and in fact he did, but it wasnt Oswald. It was one of the assassins who shot him. So he is entitled to that role in the history books.

      Its also important to realize if Oswald had been infiltrating the plot at TSBD he wouldnt probably have known much about the other shooters in Dealey Plaza or elsewhere – ie where they were or how many – or the specific details for the plan – so there would have been a limit to what he could do to thwart things without being at risk himself & family. Disclosures seem to indicate he planned to neutralize one of the shooters who was in TSBD in some way – and all the issues with the 2 rifles seems to be related to that.

      I was wondering why he didnt contact Bobby Kennedys office and spill the beans but he may have been more under Jack Rubys influence than we know (the mob may have had a neutral view of JFK and were going to go with whatever the flow ended up as), or thought his other contacts had done so. He was also prob scared of the consequences of doing so. Then again he may not have known Bobby was running his oust Castro team. Oswald did very little of substance to stop the events that day but he did manage to expose what had gone on.

      There are other secrets to the assassination that have not come out and its somewhat amazing they havent been detected. Jack Ruby said during his trial “The world will never know the true facts of what occurred etc….” and it all relates to the shooting of Tippit.


    • PT-109

      Another aspect in 22 November 1963 to consider is the fact that the Hollywood film PT-109 about JFKs WW2 Naval exploits had been released a few months before in June that would have resonnated with many DPD officers who were ex-Army or ex-Navy. They would have seen him as one of them. Tippit was a former paratrooper we are told and even Jim Levelle was in the Navy. That block of support may have been part of the group assisting Oswald that day. Oswald was a former marine.

      From what I see at this time, those who had got wind of what was going down that day and took a dim view of it did as best as they could with the limited info they had to ensure those behind it at least got caught. And Oswald hiding in the Texas Theatre has a lot to do with that objective is suspect.



      The other thing that we should realize is that Chief Curry & Henry Wade would not have allowed Oswald to hold a press conference at DPD HQ that night unless they knew what he would and wouldn’t say. Lee was following most of the script required except for the fact he was claiming being innocent.

      Also those corridor press conferences of his where he was taking and answering questions from the press as he was being taken from different rooms also supports this assessment – why would they have allowed the press to be there if there was risk he’d say something more damaging ?

      And note how nobody in the room interjects to his remarks. Total silence by DPD and Wade.
      Stony faces by all cops there.

      It was a great stage acting performance by all parties there.

      In essence theyre saying here’s who we’ve been told to say killed the President – we have no further comments – and Lee is being given an opportunity to deny the allegations. So we’ve been fair in the the matter.

      But what is interesting there is the fact Texas Radio & TV Operator Gordon McLendon is standing beside Oswald, wide eyed on the podium with the DPD. He was later reportedly involved with David Atlee Phillips (Oswald’s alleged handler – alias Maurice Bishop – who put him into TSBD) in a TV program about the human side of CIA staff. We must therefore ask did Atlee send his buddy Gordon to be his eyes & ears that night ?



    I was reading some info on one of the JFK sites to discover that Officer McDonald who was at Oswalds arrest at the Theatre shortly before was involved with this theatrical escapade at the Jefferson Library in Oak Cliff where it is alleged someone was seen running into the library. Officer Clint Walker also attended.

    SEE http://jfkthelonegunmanmyth.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/the-filthy-lies-of-nick-mcdonald.html

    Whats amazing about this is this Library on corner of Maraslis & Jefferson is RIGHT INBETWEEN Jack Rubys apartment and 410 Tenth Street where Tippit was shot.

    The guy found running into the library was merely an employee and there is no way from a visual description of his run they could determine he had anything to do with the JFK shooting. Many people could have been running that afternoon around the city. Walker reported it in.

    So whats going on there ? Answer = Somebody knew Oswald was likely to be in the area.

    Was this manufactured report merely a mechanism to justfy why Gerry Hill and others had gone to Oak Cliff ? Or was it those DPD who were working with Oswald trying to draw in other officers to try and ensure he wasnt killed ? Either or both could be the answer.

    I suspect Gerry Hill was using this as a cover to go to Ruby’s apartment and check it out looking for Oswald who had been seen with him in his club the week before.

    Meanwhile members of the assassination team went down to 410 Tenth Street looking for Oswald there. Tippit then rolled up.



    Following on from my previous post about the Jefferson Library, another candidate for Ripleys Believe It Or Not Show on 22 Nov would be is the fact DPD Officer Charles WALKER the other officer on call outside the city area just happened to be at a location on the direct route down to Jack Rubys apartment when Kennedy was shot. This is also close to the Library and adjacent 410 Tenth Street and Ruby’s apartment.

    Walker states he was on accident patrol and at the fire station at Tenth & Jefferson when he heard JFK had been shot. Then he went to TSBD where he heard Tippit was shot so he returned to Oak Cliff with a reporter. After visiting the Tippit shooting scene he commenced a search to the east and saw a man run into the Library. We can only but wonder if all if this really happened the way he told it.

    SEE http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh7/pdf/WH7_Walker.pdf

    The reason this story doesnt gel is because witnesses all saw the Tippit gunman head WEST from Tenth Street, not EAST where Walker went to the Library.

    My suspicion is this Library sighting was a red herring to divert police units in the opposite direction from the Texas Theatre where assassination team people had learned Oswald was hiding so they could shoot him resisting arrest or grab him before DPD got there. And it would cover Gerry Hills movements too.


  4. One person who seems to always fly under the radar is William P. Parker, a DPD officer who was last heard from shortly before the time Tittpt was mudered stating to the dispatcher that he was “out for 5” when asked where he was located he stated, “E.Jefferson”. Oh, he was identified as “56” in the transcripts.

    Dispatch asked where he was a short while after that, no response was heard from anyone. He was never heard from again that day on the existing transcriptions.

    The blue area which is circled on that page could very well be where he was located. The white jacket could have been used to cover his uniform, being discarded later as he got into his police car and drove away from the scene.

    There was a Mrs. W. Parker working at the TSBD. Is this just a coincidence? I have always mentioned this in forums I have been involved in, with little attention being paid to the information because it did not fit into preconceived scenarios which every researcher seems to have.

    I merely point out the strangeness of the information, as I have no investigative skills or local access to do any proper research into this matter. This officer later was promoted to, of all divisions… homicide.

    I have tried for years to obtain a photo of this man to see what he looked like in 1963, to no avail. Perhaps you could have better luck?

    Thank you for your time.


    • Hello Chuck, thanks for the info. I’m going to have someone in the JFK community help me with researching on Parker’s background, very interesting.It is also of interest to note that “if” Oswald made it to the Texas Theater by 1:07 AND a police car drove by, it couldn’t very well have been Tippit. In the meantime, DPD claimed no other officers were in the area.


      • Your posts raises some interesting questions –

        It is unlikely it was Tippit was the car outside 1026 rooming house when Oswald was inside simply because there were 2 officers inside, UNLESS he picked up another officer somewhere in the area.

        Could Parker be this other officer and perhaps if they did collect Oswald and take him to the Texas Theatre did Parker get out with Oswald and stay outside and monitor things around the theatre? Was it he that called in the good cops to the theatre to thwart the bad ones from shooting Oswald there ?

        So is Mrs Parker at TSBD the link between Oswald and Tippit ?

        But the only problem with this is Mrs Roberts reported a car with 3 numbers on it.



    I was mulling over all the reports of Oak Cliff and because we dont have the absolute proof in a witness or film of who shot J D Tippit, it is POSSIBLE that it might have been Billy Lovelady from TSBD.

    Description of the man in the bus and taxi’s clothes fit what Lovelady was wearing and he did get out of the taxi 400m south of 1026 Beckley and according to the taxi driver walked across the street in the direction of 410 Tenth Street.

    I only recently found out Lovelady did have a short & heavy body and of course did look a bit like Oswald which is what witnesses saw of the man fleeing the shooting scene. He was close to 30 yrs old and if Tippit had been hunting Oswald he may have pulled him over. It may well be he was working with or somehow linked to Oswald so then went to the Texas Theatre to meet up with him. This may also explain why he attracted attention outside the shoe store when he was looking scared because he had shot Tippit.

    All this assumes my previously timeline in previous posts is out and Lovelady got out of the Taxi by 12.55pm.

    After shooting Tippit if he had discarded his jacket behind the service stn and used back alleyways to get to the Theatre this may further explain things. He may have even borrowed a bike or car to get to the theatre fast or hitched a ride.

    Lovelady did leave TSBD wearing a jacket – as noted by the taxi driver – but but didnt have one when he arrived at the shoe store or theatre.

    And all this will explain why the Warren Commission was confused about how Oswald got down to Tenth Street and the Theatre, and why their timing doesnt fit too well. Did the Warren Commission simply make a mistake on this ? Is it that they couldnt really figure it out either ?

    We must remember one valid point Warren Commission counsel David Belin said was they did publish all the evidence and witness statements – they didnt try to hide anything of what was given to them.

    I could foresee if Lovelady was working with Oswald he may have gone to Tenth Street to meet up with him or Harry Olsen in those houses and he ran into Tippit. Tippit attempted to arrest him and he shot him. The theatre may have been the pre-arranged place to go in case of a problem. He then fled to the theatre where he knew Oswald was waiting so he could warn him not to later go back to Tenth Street. Something along those lines would fit. And of course if he did shoot Tippit he wouldnt be admitting it later and would let DPD blame Oswald for it.

    Following from this we must ask was it Billy Lovelady on the police lineups that Callaway and Markham saw, or did they just mistake Oswald for him ?

    All this is a valid issue that does need considering, especially as we dont know for sure what Tippit was doing – whether he was working with Oswald or not.



    A review of witness evidence and TV footage reveals that Oswald could not have shot Tippit, but Lovelady could have.

    Domingo Benevides, the truck driver who saw the gunman shoot Tippit from several yards way, stated the gunman had squared haircut at back and and needed a haircut by 2 weeks, and that he was wearing a dark shirt and had a grey jacket on. (Im relying on the statement Ive seen on this is true & correct).

    TV footage of Oswald being taken into DPD HQ shows him to have a tapered haircut at the back and wearing a white t-shirt. Oswald had been wearing a short light brown nylon zip jacket at the Texas Theatre (which later was replaced with a longer dark brown shirt) and we must ask where was that original jacket when he walked in as its unusual to remove clothing of that type from a suspect especially when identification lineups later are customary and clothing is relevant to them. Police Depts also do not run a clothing supply or laundry service for suspects.

    Film and photos of Billy Lovelady outside TSBD and sitting in the corridor at DPD HQ shows he had a squared haircut at the back and was wearing a striped brown shirt.

    The question arises is was Lovelady who was standing in the TSBD doorway when JFK passed by was he acting as spotter for Oswald and or the shooter at the fence ? And did he travel to Oak Cliff to give a report to them, ran into Tippit, shot him and fled to the Theatre by back alleyways where he knew Oswald was hiding. And did he give the gun he had used to shoot Tippit to Oswald ?

    Lovelady’s whole little trip to Oak Cliff by bus and taxi is interesting because he didnt seem to be in any great hurry to get there. He took a bus first but because it got stuck in traffic after the assassination he had to get out and hail a cab. But we are told he offered the first cab that came along to an old lady. This tells us he had some secondary function.

    So there I think now there is almost a 50% chance Lovelady could have shot Tippit as opposed to the other man I originally suspected.

    Another aspect thats relevant to all this is that it has been repeatedly said the man who entered the theatre and went to the balcony (Lovelady) didnt buy a ticket. Shoes store manager Brewer stated he asked the ticket seller and she said was so distracted listening to the radio about JFK she didnt recall with absolute certainty if he did or not.

    But this doesnt change the hard fact from all the material released over the years that Oswald did know an assassination was happening that day and didnt do anything tangible to stop it beforehand, or disclose what he knew afterwards to the media. So unless he could show mitigating circumstances, he is guilty of being an accessory before and after the fact and would probably have got 20yrs jail minimum just for that, irrespective of the issue of whether he shot from the 6th Floor.



    Two things have been constantly alleged over the years, being that Oswald couldnt drive a car, and that Buell Frazier claimed he drove him to work that morning with a packet Oswald said had curtain rods in it.

    The problem of the combination of these 2 statements are that they may be false.

    Oswalds girlfriend Judyth Baker alleged Oswald drove her up to Clinton, LA several months before, so he could drive a car.

    And nobody seems to have seen Oswald getting out of Frazier’s car or going into TSBD with a package, which is strange (correct me if Im wrong on this anyone).

    Later Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig sees Oswald getting in a light green Rambler station wagon driven by a dark colored man.

    My suspicion is Oswald in fact drove Ruth Paine’s Rambler Wagon to TSBD that morning not carrying any packet. Otherwise how did it get there ?

    Ruth Paine I think was kept in the dark about what was going on til afterwards – and was simply told to assist Oswald and mind Marina.



    If it was the case that Buell Frazier did drive Oswald to work that morning and he had a packet just over 2 feet long, there may be a clue to what was really inside it.

    A TV news report at the Texas Theatre makes reference to Oswald being arrested in possession of a SHOTGUN.

    SEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGD_bPvbEMs

    On the balance of probabilitites I find it unlikely this is a false report. Its still possible it could be an error in information theatre witnesses told the reporter but I cant see how it could happen.

    The thought that arises is did Oswald have a short barrel shotgun – eg a coach gun which is just over 2 feet long – unloaded or not – in that packet that morning ? And was this part of his decoy equipment for that day he had to take in (as its been alleged he was to play decoy) ?

    Alternatively – its also possible that Tippit may have given him a riot gun from the squad car – wrapped up – if he’s dropped him off or escorted him to the Theatre.

    And because they cant have Oswald grabbed with 2 guns on him theyve had to get rid of the shotgun to hide the decoy role it relates to, or similarly to conceal Tippits involvement – so he’s only grabbed with the revolver that shot Tippit thats been planted on him.

    And a shotgun would remove any suspicion of Lee shooting JFK with it.

    Its quite possible if it was taken to work that morning this pkt with the shotgun in it was transfered to Ruth Paines station wagon sometime that morning either on arrival at TSBD, at morning coffee time, or by the other man who was to drive it later. This may be why nobody seems to have seen him inside TSBD with it. Alternatively if Oswald drove the wagon in himself it may have been in the car.

    To my mind the length Buell Frazier describes for the pkt is perfect for a coach gun. And it would be an ideal prop for decoy to have so police could say they arrested a man with “a gun”.

    If it was there at the Theatre and removed it would also lend weight to the view Oswald wasnt to be patsy, but decoy – either in fact or in what he understood his role was, but afterwards he’s been selected to take the fall because somethings gone wrong that day.

    Whatever the truth of the day was I find it very strange there is this mention of a shotgun.


    • This is not really a JD Tippit point, more an Oswald one but I’m not sure where else to post it. Just watched the above link, ie. the video of Oswald in custody etc, and it appears that the ambulance is picking up Oswald in the Dallas PD basement within about 10 seconds of him being shot!
      Now there could be a good reason for this; being from the UK and never having visited Dallas or being aware of how police departments in America are run, eg. in conjunction with local hospitals? But it seems bizarre how soon the ambulane is on the scene and Oswald, along with a few detectives, is bundled into it. Easily less than a minute. Is any of this normal? In the 60S, did ambulances hang about in police dept car parks? If so why?
      Obviously I don’t know the answers to these questions, but very much from the outside looking in, it is yet another example of rather suspicious activity. If the police were expecting any sort of attempt on Oswald’s life, why was the whole basement / the whole police station not just completely cleared of all journalists, cameramen, anyone? It just doesn’t make sense…unless…and just because it’s a bit of a cliche doesn’t make it less true, there was a conspiracy.
      Otherwise, what conspiracy deniers are expecting people to believe, is that the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth, with pretty much unlimited security at its disposal could not, within the space of 3 days, keep its president and his alleged assassin, safe from harm. Simply not believeable.


      • Andy

        it wasnt an ambulance arriving in 10 seconds – the tv footage you saw is edited & spliced together removing the waiting time of about 10 minutes, but what is relevant is that was NOT AN AMBULANCE but more appears to be a funeral parlor’s body collection station wagon ( unless they were being used as reserve ambulances ). A true ambulance of that period has a large bubble top on it. The collection vehicle did have O’NEAL on it and that was a funeral home vehicle.

        After being shot Oswalds body was taken back inside of the station.

        But what is also apparent is some of the newsmen there knew that Oswald was going to be shot.


      • I would also add to the post I just did the reason a funeral collection vehicle may be been the one that arrived at DPD HQ to get Oswald is because it was the closest vehicle the ambulance service / 911 / whatever could find, because it did end up at the hospital.

        But it would have had no paramedic or medical equipment in it to keep Oswald alive.
        So theres a big question mark about it.


        The other issue about the shotgun report I raised is that another reason it would have had to have been removed at the Texas Theatre is because witnesses who saw the Tippit shooter fleeing, particularly the reliable ones like Benavides and Reynolds, didnt see him carrying a 2 foot long package.

        Theatre staff only gave statements about Loveladys entry, not Oswald, so if Oswald had a packet when entering (with the shotgun inside) it wouldnt have been recorded. And also many theatre customers would have arrived to see a movie after shopping in nearby stores carrying bags and pkts so it wouldnt seem unusual to theatre staff.



    It was said by US Army Col. Fletcher Prouty of JFKs military staff that the Presidents army protection support unit was specifically told not to go to Dallas for that visit, where they would line the streets and check buildings on the route etc.

    BUT the question is WERE SOME OF THEM THERE ?

    Having been told not to come did they suspect something was amiss and disobey that instruction, and via leaks from Oswald or some FBI personnel or others, inflitrate the TSBD and riff off the Carcarno rifle that Oswald was supposed to use and also help Oswald flee the site and hide at the Texas Theatre ? Or did Oswald not know and was acting on his own, but he was unknowingly being assisted by them ?

    So what Im talking about is US Army Intel battling those pulling the assassination that day.
    US Naval Intel also appears to have been with them. And they would have been operating blind to some extent.

    This would explain soldier Gordon Arnold’s presence there that day on the Knoll with his camera who may have also deliberately have stood in front of the picket fence area to block any shooter (Badgeman ?) whilst filming the incident.

    There is also witness statements about a mililtary intel man having to show his ID to get out of the TSBD, and in connection with DPD Det Revill taking one to see FBI James Hosty immediately afterwards. Many have assumed they were part of the assassination but were they ?

    Oswald was an ex-marine and he knew military intel people from his stationing in New Orleans when he worked for the Riley Coffee Company. J D Tippit was also an ex-army paratrooper.

    Military Intel nor Oswald may not have had the full info of what was to happen which prevented an effective counteroperation. They may not have known where it was to happen, how many shooters and what buildings they were in and with local police on the streets it would make it very difficult to check buildings etc. Judyth Bakers 2003 disclosures seem to indicate there were 3 locations where Oswald understood it could have happened – the Airport, the Plaza or the Trade Mart, but that just may have been what Oswald was told when all long it was to be the Plaza. Tied in with all of this is if Oswalds been lied to about the plans and his decoy role, and he’s woken up to the fact they have, then he’s going to react accordingly.

    We have to view all this also from numerous threats against JFK for months prior where nothing happened, like the one reported in Florida by an FBI man involving Joe Milters. And the FBI and Military Intel have to assess which ones are credible. Because nothing had happened mths previously there may have been doubts about the risk.Therefore Oswald if he reported things it may not have been viewed with as much importance as it should have. If so perhaps only few army people were sent to Dallas especially if they had to cover other cities where they had also been told not to come, like Fort Worth.

    SUMMARY – So this whole allegation thats been made by some people over the years that the US Military was involved with / supporting the JFK assassination appears to be doubtful, but some of them may have had to go along with the outcome afterwards.

    All the events that day become much clearer when you realize its not just little Lee Harvey Oswald verses local Dallas forces, but several groups involved and battlefield extending from Dealey Plaza to Oak Cliff.



    I wasnt going to disclose this information but the current fraudulent situation about HiILLARY Clinton attempting to get into the White House when both she and the Democratic National Committee and Obama are well aware she is medically unfit to do hold the office due to advanced parkinsons condition has caused me to do so. The mainstream media has also been involved in the massive coverup of that too. Thats apart from all the other scandals asssociated with her as well.

    Survelliance of her campaign shows that an ambulance & crew with a gurney follow her around, she preps in a tent hidden from public view, she is usually late starting rallies and peforms badly and needs assistance of guards to not fall over and to keep talking fluently – all of which indicates she’s seriously ill and is probably pumped full of drugs. Her rapidly deteriorating condition casts doubts if elected she would make it to inauguration day. If so would Bill Clinton be running the Presidency until her final moments in breach of the 2 term limit rule, and would the plan be then for Tim Kaine to take over and appoint Bill as Vice President ? What a state of affairs.

    SEE report – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYqkkGn-cxo

    All this discussion is relevant to JFK because 22 Nov 63 relates to political issues.


    Getting to the info –

    The primary suspect for killing J D Tippit I have talked about on this website since 2015 who appears in photos on 22 Nov 1963 committed a minimum of 52 murders for the Clinton Administration in the mid 1990s. All innocent people.

    I wont say anymore about the details of this now but in one incident in March 1996 a man fitting the Tippits killer description was seen entering the building where people were killed, and he was also captured on videocam at the site of another major crime scene about 6 weeks later. There is no question it was him.

    This type of conduct will continue if the Clintons are allowed back into power.

    A proper FBI or Grand Jury investigation would establish what I have said as valid.
    ( Perhaps FBI Director Comey would like more info ? )

    But this isnt the only thing about this man and Nov 1963 I havent said. There’s more.

    Democrat leaders of stature like John F Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman if they were alive would be appauled at the fact that people like the Clintons had taken control of the Democratic Party. And that is evidenced by the fact that Ted Kennedy did not back her in the 2008 nominations. I think Caroline Kennedy would be shocked to learn the Clintons were linked to the man who was integrally involved in her father’s murder and came very close to killing Jackie as well.



    3 November 2016:

    We must also remember that John F Kennedy’s son, John Jnr, who was reportedly planning to run as US Senator for New York State in direct competition against Hillary Clinton for the 2000 election that his plane mysteriously crashed and died in July 1999 when Bill Clinton was in office, and we therefore can ask whether Hillary knew anything about it. She was certainly the main beneficiary of it.

    There is a substantial degree of valid suspicion that the Clintons had something to do with that death.

    I also suspect if John Jnr were alive and had developed a political career and was running for President in 2016 he would probably have similar policies of Amercia First that Trump has outlined. This is probably another reason why he had to go. Trump is in many respects a resurrection of JFK on economic issues, and we must remember Donald was a teenager when he was in office and a person’s later lives are usually controlled by the ideas and values of their youth.

    Given all this I seriously doubt whether if still alive Jackie Kennedy would be voting for Hillary on Tuesday

    See my previous post on Tippit killer being linked to 1990s Clinton Administration


  12. Found what appears to be a late 1960s CBS report on the events of the day including interviews with Benevides and Callaway :-

    Worth reviewing.



    The grey Tippit Killer jacket is evidence relating to whether Oswald shot J D Tippit or not.

    In reviewing some evidence today I just realized what when on with this jacket-shirt business.

    Oswald was both photographed as “prayer man” in the TSBD doorway as JFK went by and shortly afterwards with a coke bottle in his hand standing behind Lovelady and next to Buell Frazier, as he later stated to Captain Fritz (in notes only released in 1997). There he can be seen wearing a dark long sleeve work shirt – and it is oversized and long. Remember this is a SHIRT with lapel and buttons.

    Oswald is next photographed in the same shirt talking to a cop as 3 tramps are led past him outside TSBD probably around 12.40pm, although with that photo we cant be exactly 100% certain it is him.

    Deputy Roger Craig 5 minutes later describes Oswald running down the grassy knoll to a Rambler station wagon wearing a “long sleeved work shirt made of some type of grainy material”.

    Oswald then goes to the 1026 Beckley rooming house and changes his clothes for a white t-shirt and light brown nylon zipper jacket (Erlene Roberts describes this in a TV interview later that day as “short coat”). Note that this is a JACKET, zipper with no lapel or buttons.

    So Oswald dumps the long brown shirt leaving it behind at 1026.

    Then Roberts states 30 minutes after Oswald leaves the rooming house 3 police arrive and take all his possessions (that would include this long brown shirt he left behind).

    When Oswald is arrested at the Theatre you see him in a white t-shirt and thin light brown zipper jacket and you also see this when he arrives at DPD HQ.

    Shortly after this the next batch of photos when he is led thru DPD HQ we see that the zipper jacket is gone and Oswald is now forced to wear the long dark brown shirt he left behind at 1026 and he previously wore at TSBD.

    This is a direct result of police taking his clothes from the 1026 rooming house

    The reason for this would appear to be the fact they cant have Oswald wearing 2 jackets given they were claiming he left behind the grey jacket in the alleyway near the Tippit shooting. Also this SHIRT is similar to what shoe store manager Brewer claims he saw the man wearing*, and logically it would not be unusual for someone to wear a SHIRT under the alleged grey jacket.

    * Brewer described it was a “brown sports shirt” – yet Craig said it was a grainy work shirt.

    There is a big difference between a sports shirt and a work shirt.

    So given that Oswald wasnt in fact wearing that shirt went he arrived at the Theatre it therefore couldnt have been him Brewer saw. This then raises the question who was it he saw and why would it raise alarms bells with Brewer ? It goes to the whole issue of how did they track Oswald to the theatre and putting aside Brewers actions it cant be properly explained.

    Similarly Ms Postal, ticket seller at the theatre, also stated that man who entered without paying only that Brewer was chasing had on a shirt and no jacket.

    Given identifications and lineups were due police shouldnt be changing the clothes a suspect was wearing at time of arrest, especially as Oswald was initially taken in for killing only Tippit and the clothes he was wearing at the Theatre should have remained on him. The only reason for doing so is to frame someone.

    And to that point we never see that light brown zipper jacket again in the whole JFK story as far as I know.

    The substitution of the jacket for the shirt is proof Oswald didnt kill Tippit because his clothes have been tampered with, and people don’t wear 2 jackets on what I understand was an Indian summers day. In anycase, Oswald wasnt the short “kind of heavy” man Aquella Cleymons described as having shot Tippit.

    Review photos of Oswald at the Theatre and DPD HQ to prove this for yourselves.



    I was thinking yesterday and its starting to fit better that if Tippit was parked at at the Gloco gas station a few blocks north-west of Oswalds 1026 Beckley Rooming House what he may have been doing is waiting there in an inconspicuous place for a pre-determined time to go and collect Oswald from 1026 say at 1pm and then take him somewhere, probably 410 Tenth Street. So Tippit would have turned right from the Gloco stn on Zangs Blvd and met Oswald at the corner of it and Nth Beckley.

    ( I had previously summized Tippit was just on lookout duty there )

    So Tippit’s there waiting – maybe having a coke or sandwich – then all of a sudden he’s sees a squad car and 2 unmarked cars following it turn off the freeway and head down Lancaster Ave towards Tenth Street. Alarmed and not expecting it he follows and saddows them and while doing so answers the despatcher’s call saying he’s at “Lancaster & Eighth” at 12.54pm. He sees them turn left heading west down Tenth Street and the squad car down the rear alley behind it.

    Whats actually happening is there a stealth DPD raid going on at 410.
    This is why a police car is later seen in the driveway and they were waiting for Oswald to arrive there.

    Having seen this, Tippit has to both warn Oswald and those in 410. He also has to turn off to collect Oswald at the pre-determined 1pm and probably went west on Eighth Street to Nth Beckley.

    First he to goes and collects Oswald at 1026 ( and it was probably him honking outside ).
    Instead of going to 410 where other forces have been seen Tippit thinks up a safe alternative and the one he knows best and is near a phone he can use is the Texas Theatre WHERE HE PREVIOUSLY WORKED AT WEEKENDS AS A SECURITY GUARD so he knows the layout there. So The theatre is Tippit’s idea. Next he goes to the Top Ten Record Store and tries to phone Harry Olson who is inside 410 but by that time the place has been raided and probably Gerry Hill has Olson under his control. Hill may have told Olson not to answer the phone when Tippit rang.

    So Tippit having not got an answer heads down to 410 Tenth Street where he encounters one of the thugs from the unmarked cars who shoots him after he realizes Tippit isn’t backup.

    I would suspect 1026 would have been under surveillance and Tippit collecting Oswald and going to the theatre would have been seen and reported.

    At the time the raid was taking place at 410 Tenth Street around 12.55pm to 1.00pm Tippit was collecting Oswald from 1026 so the raid team at 410 didnt know he was at the theatre then. They only found that out around 1.10pm then had 20 minutes to deal with it but their other problem was DPD officers who were not controllable and would only get in the way rushing to Oak Cliff to look for Tippits killer, hence a diversion was set up at the Library to the east of 410.

    My suspicion is they were going to kill Oswald at 410 perhaps alleging he pulled gun on an officer.

    At this stage the above I think is the most likely thing that happened.

    Associated with all this, because Oswald perhaps didn’t follow the required script of talking a bus home and took the station wagon instead, Billy Lovelady may have had to replicate Oswald’s required path in the bus and taxi. And he gets out of the taxi inbetween 1026 and the direct path to 410. Later Lovelady is call on to lead a trail to the theatre where he is arrested on the balcony and Oswald on the ground floor.

    If Tippit didnt drive Oswald to the theatre he probably was on lookout for him, but the clue is some squad car did signal Oswald “All clear – get going – we are waiting” by honking while he was inside 1026 and did drive him to the theatre, and given Tippit was nearby 1026 both before Oswald arrived at 1026 and was seen at the Record Store just after Oswald would have arrived there at 1.07pm and when he missed the depatchers call at 1.03pm we can calculate it probably was him.

    I suspect the larger scenario was that Olson was acting for the mob boys who were either wanting to use Oswald as decoy to compromise Castro (evidenced by Jack Ruby attending press conferences later that day correcting information Henry Wade was peddling), or that they had backed off involvement in the assassination and were trying to get Oswald clear so they could compromise the other side. Whoever had Oswald was holding the winning hand in this game of poker.

    The other scenario that just occurred to me is perhaps Oswald who was primarily employed by Military Intel went to the theatre to get away from both of those sides ? Especially when Tippit saw trouble at 410. That’s something to consider.



    The point I was making in my last post above is this – if Tippit was waiting to pickup Oswald at the 1026 Nth Beckley Rooming House then he can”t be waiting outside, across the street or anywhere within 200 yards of it for any length of time without people noticing.

    He has to be at an inconspicuous location which would be a usual patrol station like the Gloco Gas Station next to the freeway off ramp where nobody would later query it.

    If the researchers info is correct that he was there just before 12.30pm he’s taken up position before JFK got shot not telling the dispatcher where he was, waited there killing time until I believe he noticed a squad car and 2 other cars with it heading down Lancaster Ave towards Tenth Street. He then followed them and when he’s seen them turn west towards 410 Tenth Street he’s broken off to go get Oswald.

    But not only this, possibly someone in DPD HQ via the dispatcher has let him remain in Oak Cliff while most other patrol cars descended on Dealey Plaza. If not, then Tippit’s had to juggle his patrol duty with collecting Oswald and that may explain the honking of the horn outside 1026 because perhaps Oswald didn’t know exactly what time he would make it there.

    A related question is WHERE was Tippit originally going to drive Oswald ?
    Was it the airport for trip to Cuba ?
    Was it 410 Tenth Street (strange – as it was in walking distance via back streets) ?
    Was it even the Texas Theatre ?

    We must also ask why would Oswald need a ride anywhere else in a squad car ? unless it was to protect him from any chasers. Why not just get his first ride in the station wagon to take him whereever he was going, unless he’s been using Ruth Paine’s car without her full authority ?

    And why would Oswald go back to 1026 anyway ? All he did was changed clothes and get a alternate ID as far as we know. Why not go directly to whereever he was going ?

    Stemming from the last question I also ask now did he go back to 1026 because another room renter there was one of his contacts and he delivered him a report on arrival either by word or note ?
    Who were the other tenants there ? Or was 1026 chosen simply because it was close to 410 Tenth Street ?

    Tippit’s shooting probably was an accident caused by Tippit pulling his gun on one of the men at Tenth Street. And thats what other DPD officers would have been told that night and accepted it as self-defence by one of the federal people, and to make it look better for the Dept they also accepted the false story Oswald did it.

    But there is still a possibility that Tippit was shot deliberately on a spur of the moment decision to get rid of one Oswald’s associates and to then blame it on Oswald to explain how they found Oswald in that area. We will never know which of these 2 it is.

    The reason probably Oswald remained in Dallas rather than fleeing was because he was fearful what would happen to his family if he exited entirely. So he had to remain there but stay alive and it would appear the Texas Theatre, a public place with witnesses, was the safest place to be.
    And of course if he’s been told his role is to be decoy for a few hours or days then he’s acting out his role accordingly.

    Overall though the movements that day seem to suggest there were 3 groups involved – the assassination people wanting to grab Oswald, the mob people wanting Oswald to go to Cuba, and another group wanting to keep him alive out of the hands of the other two.

    That is why you see this amazing array for conduct later that day of silent stoney faced cops and curious facial expressions, Henry Wade peddling the “Oswald did it” line, and Ruby pushing the Cuba angle at Wade’s press conference.



    In a previous post in 2015 I suggested Tippit shooter “witness” HELEN MARKHAM was possibly in Callaway’s used car yard, as her 1988 interview description when she was aged in her late 60s (& when her alertness to exercise discretion was slipping), indicates she did see the real shooter describing him is a short man with ruddy complexion.

    But several months ago I concluded there are 2 other possible places she could have been.

    Before detailing them we must remember researchers have discovered she was linked to Jack Ruby as one of his strippers was living with her, and we are never told where she worked as a waitress, and could it have been at the Carousell Club or a related business ?

    My primary suspicion is she was inside 410 Tenth Street with Harry Olson waiting for Oswald to arrive. She was the tea lady – cook – errand person – door answerer etc for the period Oswald was going to hold up there. She may have been looking out the front window when Tippit was shot.

    The secondary possibility is she was also working with Harry Olson who was in 410, but she was stationed in a house across street as lookout, or had gone over there to see someone she knew, and saw Tippit get shot. She may have even been coming out the door of that house when Tippit arrived and put her hands up to her face as she claimed. Why I say this is in her 1988 interview she also described where the shooter ran – said the man ran west and went south down an alley between 2 houses (that would be consistent with the view from the position from a house across from 410 where the “alley” she described was in fact Patton Street). If so, all she’s done is to change the location of where she was standing (officially she claimed she was on the crossroad corner of Tenth & Patton).

    And whats subsequently happened is when Gerry Hill via the squad car in the rear alleyway of 410 has raided the place coming in the backdoor and encountered Olson at around 1.00pm he’s told Olson either that Oswalds screwed up their plans or something gone wrong.

    As result Olson has told Markham she’ll have to ID Oswald for shooting Tippit or they’ll both be in strife.

    So Markham then slips out the front and is seen there by other witnesses shortly afterwards and is on TV film footage a bit later.

    This fits the evidence best as both Olson and Markham have links to Ruby, Oswald was seen in Rubys club a few days before, Judyth Baker also confirms Oswald links to Ruby, and Gerry Hill also knows a lot about Ruby and most probably the location of those Tenth Street houses.

    I suspect Callaway may also have been known to Olson in some capacity and he’s been told the same as Markham that he will have to ID Oswald too.

    Oswald going to 410 would have been consistent with a plan he & Ruby been told is he is to fly to Cuba to compromise Castro and facilitate an invasion – wherein Oswald would hide there until flown out. But whether the other side where going to honor that plan is the question. Alternatively its possible a third group has screwed up the events that day and Oswalds either been blamed for it, or its been decided Oswald will have to be the patsy as there isn’t now anyone else.



    Last year’s findings by the UK researchers that Oswald appears to be standing behind Lovelady in the TSBD doorway as JFK drove past (per the Darnell film) now leaves us with some stark realities as he can very possibly now be ruled out as shooting.

    There were a minimum of 2 shooters on 22 Nov, and more likely that is 3 or 4.

    Most nearby witnesses report hearing only 3 shots and given that, unless other shots were silenced, there can’t be anymore.

    I have now determined there was in fact one muffled shot and 3 other (full noise) shots, 2 of those latter 3 occurring at almost the same time hence witnesses only discerning 3 shots. 4 shots in all.

    While I have a solid determination as to who 3 of the shooters were and can name them right now if I wanted to but the problem is proving it not only to the standard required by law but visually.

    And they are not who anyone has been alleged before. Two of them are now dead anyway.
    All 3 are recorded on camera if you know which scenes to look at.

    Even if railroad signal tower operator Lee Bowers who saw 2 men at the picket fence had survived, because of both the distance to it and his eyesight limitations (as he wore glasses) it would not resulted in a positive ID of the fence shooter even back in 1963.

    Without a corroborating on the spot witness my 3 suspects involvement is not conclusive.

    So what in the end historically all we will be left with is a minimum of 2 shooters who fired at Kennedy whose identities are UNKNOWN.

    And that’s the best we will ever get unless someone confesses some information (or unless Wikileaks gets hold of some of the files for release).

    And that conclusion is somewhat similar what the HSCA found in 1978.

    I’m saying this because if anyone’s expecting a concrete solution to this incident we wont get one.



    I was mulling over some loose ends on this the past day and came up with a startling question.
    Bear in mind I havent read this before in case someone else has already thought of this.

    Firstly one thing has always puzzeled me is the fact JFK himself (who would have been aware of Presidential security requirements) allowed the motorcade to run without the usual secret service riders on the running boards of his limo – and that may be answered here.

    QUESTION ? Following the 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco run by Dulles did the Kennedy brothers with the mob decide to deal with the situation themselves and as part of plan to oust Castro was there suppose to be a fake attempted assassination of JFK in Dealey Plaza that day which shots fired but no hit on JFK and Oswald be blamed and Ruby & mob fly him to Cuba, and did the details of this op leak out and JFK’s enemies send a hit team in and do it for real under the cover of it ?

    The Kennedys plan probably would have been to have one shooter firing either blanks or firing at the limo itself (missing JFK) and this is why a inaccurate rifle like the Carcarno would have been chosen.

    The main evidence that support this conclusion is –

    RFK didnt scream CIA or Mob Hit on his brother to the press afterwards, nor did he even fly down to Dallas that weekend or thereafter to check on things.

    The absence of Dallas Police and Secret Service not being in position in the Plaza, and not responding to reports of a man with a rifle on the 6th floor, is consistent with a Govt op running.

    Ruby went to Parkland Hospital that afternoon to find out what had happened to K and that would be consistent if he thought a fake op was the plan. And he was peddling the “Fair Play For Cuba” theme at the late night press conference Wade held.

    The extra shots and bullet strikes in Dealey would be consistent if 2 teams had been there – the ones hitting the curb etc… would have been mob shooter deliberate misses. Perhaps even Gov Connolly being hit too.

    Oswald fleeing TSBD to a safe place when he realized a real hit had occurred as he knew he would be the next target. He may have even known or suspected so in the few days before.

    Ruby was made to take the blame for Oswald.

    The mob shooter could have been arrested and held as a patsy afterwards to compromise the mob (and I recall there was someone in the Dal Tex building who was held).

    There are a lot more points than these but its something that fits the facts.

    The best time to do a real hit is when a fake one is being done because you can blame everything on the fake operatives involved and muzzel their commander.



    Those of you reading my posts over the past 2 years should be also made aware given what I and my collegue have uncovered on this incident you’d be amazed at the true facts of what went on – which is in contrast to what everyone’s been told by the press at the time, the WC, and subsequently by books, TV documentaries and researchers.

    And youd also be amazed at how lax those involved have been with their conduct at the time. In some respects their method of operation could be classified as a comedy in terms of security. What they didnt figure on is that people wouldnt accept the WC or leave topic alone, and that the film record would survive and be available at a later time when it could be examined better.

    There is an awful lot of disinformation that been put out including stories of shots from the drain culvert and thru the limo windscreen.


  20. CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU ?

    Those of you old enough will remember the 1961-62 comedy TV Show “Car 54 Where Are You” and if you arent try and find a copy on youtube. The analogy is relevant to the vagueness of Tippits whereabouts that day before 1pm, and more importantly this mystery car with a 3 digit number Erlene Roberts made reference to in her statement about Oswald. Its another comedy from 22 November.

    Roberts stated a police car honked its horn outside the 1026 Beckley Rooming House while Oswald was inside changing his clothes and in statement and testimony she said it was car 106 or 107. In a TV interview she did shortly afterwards she interestingly didnt identify the number of the car.

    In my travels Ive seen references that the number 207 in a statement, 107 told to the FBI, and 106 told to the Warren Commission.

    Since then researchers have been chasing their tails trying to find who had car 106, 107 and 207 that day.

    But I think its a lot more simple than that – I think it was Tippits car number 10 and later either to get out of strife with DPD and some late night visits to see her on 22 Nov she’s agreed to change it to 106 or 107, or alt somebody has altered her statement the same to 107 or 207. Its gone from 10 to 106 or 107 to 207. Then she went into hiding after that.

    Alternatively 207 may have been the car that arrived at 1026 about 1.30pm to search his room and her memory’s lapsed or agreed to go with that number similarly.

    The probability is there was never car 106, 107 or 207 outside 1026 when Oswald was inside and its a red herring thrown in to confuse people and principally coverup Tippits involvement with Oswald, because if they were buddies working together then Oswald would not have shot him as alleged.

    The key point to note is if she had said it was car 10 then it would have blown the whole Oswald shot Tippit allegation out of the water.



    Because we don’t really know what Tippit’s movements were the other main possibility I see is if he has been assigned in previous weeks to monitor Oswald by FBI Hosty and was aware he worked in TSBD and also had some connection with the houses in Tenth Street, so when at the gas station once a report came thru the suspect was from there and he saw and followed suspicious looking cars head to Tenth Street he decided to find him first. He may have even recognized someone in those cars and knew they were dangerous.

    So we may suspect Tippit drove to 1026 Beckley maybe, then went to the Record Store to try to ring Hosty then drove down to Tenth Street where he encountered one of LBJ’s thugs who wanted to shoot Oswald, whereas Tippit wanted to arrest him, and that conflict resulted in Tippit getting shot.

    Meanwhile Oswald somehow got from 1026 Beckley to the Texas Theatre – perhaps the station wagon that delivered him to 1026 was waiting nearby and took him.

    Thats the other possibility but it doesnt fit as well as what Ive said previously on this.

    Its interesting to note that the driver of the stn wagon was described as a Cuban by Deputy Roger Craig but when Chief Curry was asked by reporters he refers to a negro.



    I was looking at some photos of Tenth Street last week and noted some irregularities in Scoggins’s statement then I began to wonder what his taxi was doing there parked on the corner of 10th & Patton Street.

    We can suppose that Oswald’s original plan after shots were fired at JFK that he was to take a bus home to 1026 Beckley, then walk south down Patton Street to 410 Tenth Street where Harry Olson and Markham were waiting for him, either to hideout there before being whisked away somewhere possibly even Cuba.

    If so, someone would have be outside to warn Oswald if there was a problem at 410 and it would seem to me that a taxi parked facing north on that corner would be the ideal way to do that, as if a problem existed he could switch on the taxi headlights to warn an approaching Oswald 50 – 100 yards away then the taxi could simply move forward north up Patton Street to pick him up and get him out of the area and do so being completely out of view from anyone at 410.

    The location of Scoggins’s taxi is in the exact position to see what was going on at 410 as he was parked inbetween a gap in the shrubbery on the adjacent house and had a clear view of 410. He’s also in the ideal position to alert an approaching Oswald and move forward to pick him up.

    Scoggins later went off with Callaway chasing the Tippit gunman.

    Scoggins like Callaway and Markham later identified Oswald, when it wasn’t Oswald.

    Scoggins making a statement to the WC later doesnt report seeing Markham on the street corner nor mentioned Benavides (he’s like Sgt Schultz in the TV series Hogans Heroes who when questioned would say “I know nothing – I see nothing”).

    Parking a taxi on that section of sloping road to eat lunch at the exact time & place when there were a million other places in Oak Cliff he could have done so raises serious questions. When you eat lunch in a car a person usually tends to park on a flat spot, not on slope or roadway intersection. Its an unusual place to park to eat lunch. He could also use the 2 way radio in the taxi while sitting there without attracting suspicion. (Patton Street slopes down at angle of about 4 – 5 degrees toward East Jefferson from 10th Street).

    Scoggins also said had also just come from Love Field airport where JFK had just landed.

    All these points indicate the possibility Scoggins, Markham and Callaway were all working together.

    So we can suppose this was the other getaway car waiting if necessary to get Oswald out of harms way.

    If so, Scoggins is therefore one of Oswald’s accomplices that day.



    Following on from my previous post about Scoggins Taxi being the second getaway car, how he would have come to be there goes back to Jack Ruby.

    My suspicion is Ruby would probably have been the sort of guy who wouldn’t have liked the stress of driving a car to his club everyday and took a cab from and to his apartment (which was a few blocks away from the Tenth Street Tippit shooting scene).

    Scoggins stated he was an Oak Cliff based taxi which means he could have been Ruby’s permanent taxi driver – ie picked him up most mornings or evenings to go to the Carousell Club or elsewhere and in the process of doing that Jack got to know and trust him, and he has Scoggins doing errands perhaps even collecting money at drop points or contraband and delivering here and there around Dallas over the years. This is how Scoggins would have come to have been there on 22 November to help Oswald if required.

    This is something researchers need to try and find out as whether Ruby travelled by taxi a lot.

    With his taxi positioned on the corner of Tenth & Patton he could also monitor the west side of the block there, and perhaps even radio Harry Olson inside 410 that trouble was on its way if he saw something.



    I haven’t seen all of them yet but there are several important documents that been released last week from the National Archives but most people wont realize their significance. The early ones appear to be the most important as they contain clues to secret facts.

    There are also what appear to be some deliberately misleading documents in there designed as red herrings for later use, and that were probably written and included in the 1964 – 68 period by LBJ’s network of people.

    Its also amazing the number of false assessments that are floating around now on this incident – eg where shots came from and who was involved. Its a lot simplier than people realize but there appear to be a lot of questionable people there at the time.

    On this claim of a shot through the windscreen – I dont believe there was one as careful photo analysis of the limo just after and at the hospital doesnt show one, and importantly you dont see the driver and front secret service man react at any point in the Zupruder film to one having come thru and you can guarantee they would have. The firing angle also would be too difficult. Also that car would have had bulletproof glass. Unless there is some reliable proof on this produced we have to question this theory but its still a possibility tho I doubt such a bullet hit anyone if it did happen.



    I was having an argument over this question with a collegue the other day which arises from some photograph of George Bush taken outside TSBD on the afternoon of 22 Nov and given the recent National Archives document release its a timely issue to raise. Various people have tried to allege this over the years.

    Firstly, if you look at that photo you will see no civilians there – only police – which means its long after staff have left, and secondly you will see long shadows on the people there which indicates the angle of the sun was about 30 deg off horizontal which means its around 4pm when it was taken. Long after JFK got shot. So what – George rolls up to find out whats gone on ? He’s big businessman and Govt related person and would want to know.

    You will note also he isnt hiding anything. If he was trying to hide his being there he would have had hat and sunglasses on etc…

    Do you honestly think someone who would had plans to run for high public office later on would have showed up like that then and there if he had been involved ? Answer = No.

    The other factor to consider is if he was informally related to the CIA back then thru his father he may have been overseeing Oswald’s operation (which LBJ scrubbed via the assassination) and has come down after most of the press are gone to find out whats gone wrong and get a report. The problem he has then is Johnson is now giving the orders.

    If we assume Oswald was on an operation for the Kennedys to do with Cuba and getting rid of Castro as it appears, a latter part of that operation would have been to ready intel and military forces for an invasion etc… and its that part of things Bush may have been involved with and has had to understandably keep it concealed.

    There are various factions and little groups the exist in these Govt agencies who go off and pull all sorts of stunts often without clearance, and on this occasion LBJ’s network got away with it.

    A faction will also try to implicate someone else to ellude focus on themselves.

    Everyone must remember that it was Bush who approved and signed the JFK Records Release Act legislation of 1992 that releases of documents have occurred. He wouldnt have done that if it was one of his baby’s, but he would have if it was Lyndon’s & the 1960s Democratic Partys skullduggery.

    Republicans including Bush operate in a refined way and the way of dealing with Kennedy would if he got out of line would have been via an impeachment or exposing a scandal etc… The practice of bumping off opponents is a Democratic Party thing, as has been seen with all the people connected with the Clinton’s who have died in questionable circumstances.

    Roger Stone recently disclosed Richard Nixon had told him he wasnt prepared to kill Kennedy to become President but Johnson was. We must remember George Bush was a close associate of Nixon which gives some validity to this conclusion.

    Also Bush’s character and personality also doesnt fit the profile of someone who would be involved as I have seen him at conferences etc…

    So I just at this stage dont buy this allegation.



    Following on from my previous post, the real secrecy about the events in Tenth Street on 22 Nov are not really the issue of whether Oswald shot Tippit there, more why would a shooting take place or a gunman be there in Tenth Street at all ?

    Despite various people “identifying” Oswald other witnesses describe someone other than Oswald – a heavy man aged about 30 – shot Tippit, we also are officially told this Warren Commission story that Oswald walked down there to that street after leaving his rooming house but we are never told why he would do so. The WHY of that is the lynch pin to everything back in Dealey Plaza in many ways.

    I seem to be the only one saying, based on the evidence, that Oswalds original plan was going to hold up in one of those abandoned houses in Tenth Street where Harry Olson and Helen Markham were until some other part of the plan happened like him being flown to Cuba or elsewhere where would say he didnt shot at anyone. Its known now Oswald was a part of Bobby Kennedys “Project Freedom” which Henry Wade made the slip in calling it the “Free Cuba Movement” at his 23 Nov press conference and Ruby had to correct him to be “Fair Play For Cuba”.

    As far I know, the story we are told on why Oswald ended up working in TSBD was either according to Jim Garrison that he was infiltrating an assassination plot, or according to Judy Baker he was reassigned by Mr Bishop following the cancelling of this kill Castro by cancer bug mission that failed in Mexico City and have been invited to join the killers. But both of those dont explain why he would go to Tenth Street. There’s a big part of the story thats missing.

    I suspect the truth is that either those 2 stories are just a cover for the larger operation (Garrison didnt have the full info and Baker’s been kept in the dark too, or she or him not allowed to or dont want to say anymore), or the LBJ forces hijacked or manipulated of the operation Oswald was on via Mr Bishop in some way.

    Oswalds behavour on the first day in custody at DPD HQ is interesting to see. We see all these early photos of a defiant Oswald posing for cameras holding up his handcuffs etc telling the press on corridor interviews he’d been arrested because he lived and worked in USSR just as a decoy would say (this is what he’d be doing of his op had gone ahead without problems) but as soon as he realized he’s been picked to take the fall his attitude changes radically to verimantly disputing his innocence and saying he’s just the patsy.

    But then we consider the fact Oswald made a flight from TSBD with the aid of helpers possibly including Tippit. So at some point he seems to know he’s potentially in trouble, and cant even let Ruby know (there may not have even been time or opportunity in that last few days or week).

    Then there is the rifle chenanigans – how a Mauser was found and then gets changed to a Carcarno late on 22 Nov, all which indicates the rifle that was suppose to be in TSBD was missing for 10 hours.
    So did Oswald or his helpers organize for it be ripped off as part of his survival strategy but it was eventually recovered ? (And Im not at all saying it was his rifle or he ever fired it anywhere in Dealey Plaza – it was a rifle someone had acquired and was at some location in the Plaza).

    These things (putting aside info from Baker) indicates Oswalds suspected something was amiss and realized he’s been trapped. Was it that Oswald was in TSBD to play decoy for the RFK operation to bust Castro and whilst there he’s been approached to join the other side so he can be used as patsy ? Or was it while he was there he’s found out or suspected there was another side going to do a doublecross on RFK making him the patsy and he didnt let on, only telling some of his people like helpers, Naval Intel and trusted FBI contacts who got him to a neutral location – the Texas Theatre ?

    Associated with this is the official secrecy surrounding Oswalds involvement with Ruby. It has been determined several people at Tenth Street (Markham and Olson) have links to Ruby. Baker has stated Oswald and Ruby were buddies. Beverly Oliver and others have said they saw Oswald in Rubys club the week beforehand. Ruby denied knowing Oswald (yet he knew about Fair Play for Cuba). And we also have Dallas reporter Seth Kantor saying how upset Ruby was when he saw him at Parkland Hospital when Ruby went to check on JFK.

    All these facts and questions indicate there is a big part of the events that day that is still missing from the disclosed story – all to do with Tenth Street.



    As I have previously speculated 22 November 1963 was an instance where there was a JFK / RFK operation running with the assistance of the CIA involving both Oswald and Ruby whose aim was to set up an incident where shots would be fired not at but near JFK, and Oswald (who had been peddling a fake pro-Castro line and had a Russian wife) would be blamed so as to use the facts to oust Castro from Cuba after Oswald fled to a secured location in Central America or even Cuba (them I will call TEAM A).

    But LBJ and his people (which I will call TEAM B) interfered with that op and killed him.

    Essentially what happened was TEAM B arrested all TEAM A members that day and told them to either disappear, say nothing or gave them an official script to follow.

    The 3 Tramps we are told were reportedly arrested after being found in a railroad freight car next to the TSBD 10 minutes after the shooting.

    I believe the 3 tramps were TEAM A muscle positioned around the TSBD, particularly in the car park area, there to assist Oswald to flee to the safehouse in 10th Street, so later on that day David Ferry would fly him out to somewhere in Central America. Also they were there to watch over & patrol the TSBD outside area in case of any problems.

    In order to zap JFK the picket fence gunman had to be where he was, so these 3 tramps had to be neutralized well before JFK came past.

    So TEAM B would have to quietly, at gunpoint arrest / kidnap them – and confine them so the picket fence gunman could operate unimpeded without their interference and prevent them from helping Oswald escape, so guess where the best place would be to hold them up ? A railroad freight car.

    Then afterwards they were marched off by DPD cops armed with shotguns and were photographed in the process.

    The 3 tramps were not hiding there at all – they were arrested and put there in that freight car til after the shooting, then marched off.

    Oswald if he knew of or suspected something would have realized the 3 tramps wouldnt be there to help him so he got someone else – a dark skinned guy – to get Ruth Paine’s ? station wagon to take him out of harms way.

    The tramps were not the shooters of JFK, but support team for Oswald.

    A colleague however thinks they may have been on the Dal Tex building 2nd floor firing the deliberately missed shots at JFK (they were on TEAM A) then went and hid in the railroad car when things went wrong, but the real shot from that building came from its rooftop (and that was the first deadly shot that killed JFK) by man wearing a maintenance man’s uniform.



    The relevance to J D TIPPIT of the 3 tramps I mentioned in the previous post is that if Tippit was working was Oswald and TEAM A, when it came over the DPD radio at 12.40pm on 22 November when he was sitting at the Gloco gas station that 3 tramps had been arrested, he knew exactly who they were (being Oswald’s support people or Team A members) and that may have been the point at which he decided to go to 1026 Beckley Rooming House to collect Oswald and take him to the Theatre for safety.

    That’s unless Oswald, 2 days before, at the diner hadn’t tipped JD off beforehand he needed that ride.

    The fact is the timing of the tramps being arrested fits exactly with Tippit’s next few actions driving down Lancaster Ave, then honking the squad car’s horn outside the Rooming House.

    Its something to consider in this.

    It will however depend on exactly what time those tramps were arrested and that radio message went out. I base this on somewhere I saw their arrest was put over the DPD radio.

    With the 3 tramps also – we should also consider if they were removed from the TSBD area and confined in that railroad freight car by LBJ’s people before JFK drove past, those detaining them in that car may have forced them to change into those tramp clothes to give a cover facet to their later arrest. The tall tramp has unusually baggy clothes indicating he probably didn’t select them himself, and they couldn’t hang round the TSBD looking like that in such clothes and be unnoticed if they were to help Oswald exit the area if Team A’s plan had proceeded unhindered. So I don’t think those clothes were theirs.



    One of the key pieces of evidence against Lyndon Johnson being the prime suspect for 22 November that some people have missed is in fact the look of contempt and hatred he gave JFK at the breakfast that morning in Fort Worth just before they sat down.

    His whole demeanor at that breakfast bears noting.

    And fortunately there is color film of that.

    Then there was those phone recordings afterwards between him and Edgar Hoover trying to curtail the assassination investigation in the days following, which was in the last installment of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” TV series (#8) made in 2003.

    Obviously something went on between them that’s triggered things. It probably goes back to the 1960 Democrat Convention where LBJ failed to win the Presidential Nomination and had to blackmail his way onto the ticket as running mate. Jack obviously didnt realize the extent of the animosity, and it may have always been LJB’s plan to remove him, especially as JFK & RFK were planning to remove LBJ from the 1964 ticket – that may have been the last straw.

    There was a lot at stake to lose for LBJ including $ millions in payoffs and staying out of jail over past indiscretions.

    So look carefully at the Fort Worth breakfast.


  30. My last post concerned the treachery of a Vice President on 22 November 1963 and it is relevant at this moment in history on 6 January 2020 to reflect on this.

    As a New Years present to Mitch McConnell & Mike Pence I do this post.

    One of the key figures who LBJ had assisting that day was his buddy and former campaign manager Governor John Connally.

    The same John Connally who argued at the 1960 Democratic Convention that JFK was too sick to be nominated for President (due to his WW2 back injury), and who as Secretary of the Navy knew about Oswald and granted a discharge from the marine corps after his return from USSR. A thoroughly corrupt and immoral politician, similar to many of those today.

    I will disclose here today that Connally was NOT SHOT at all that day and faked it in the limousine and in hospital afterwards. It is one of the big lies told of that day and there are others that have not been detected.

    Connally stated in his 1988 interview that on the day he “….looked down and saw he was covered in blood….”.

    But the Zupruder film does not show that at all.

    What it shows is his head falling back and no blood on his shirt or coat.

    Also his released wound photos do not match, and of course the Warren Commission magic bullet evidence relating to his claim doesnt fit also.

    Nor was he facing the right direction at the time he reacts to a shot.

    This of course has significant implications for how many shots there were (and there were more than 3 but less than 6).

    The attempt to conceal the bullet strike on the lawn of the Dealey Plaza clover-leaf that Det. Buddy Walthers found (and why he died a few years later) is directly related to Connally’s big lie and the true number of shots. As was the initial attempt to conceal the bullet that hit the street curb.

    The staff at Parkland Hospital also lied about Connally being shot.

    Interviewed by a TV reporter 5 days later on 27 November 63 in hospital, anyone can see Connally looks too good to have been shot and got the wounds he claimed.

    SEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzvGIsu6KGo

    Once you factor this in then a lot more becomes clear.

    So why would he fake it ? Answer = Connally had to get down in the limousine because he knew he was in the line of sight of the picket fence gunman who was on the railway bridge side of the fence line (and not that fabricated Badgeman position nonsense, which was in a different spot on the fence towards the TSBD).

    So Connally was definitely in on it.
    He lied, his wife lied, and everyone else who also colluded with them also lied.

    A sad state of affairs and a sign of things to come.

    And standard operating procedure for Deep State operatives.

    One must remember the betrayal of the Vice President in 1963 resulted in a chain of events that has caused the long term demise of the USA into the chaos that exists today.


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