One comment on “Lee Harvey Oswald: I Am Legend

  1. Why is it when someone is tagged “a loner”, this invariably lends itself to some form of defined abnormality? I’ve been a relative loner most of my life for the simple reason I enjoy solitude and tend to consider groups of congregating people a pain in the ass. How is it the status of loner puts one in the catagory of potential assassin or one capable of violent outbursts? What upsets me most regarding the feeble attempts by many to criminalize Lee Oswald’s behavior is that the system regards adolescent normality as abnormal. Today, we are taking perfectly normal kids and drugging the shit out of them for no other reason than they are developing normally, something that tends to upset adults. From what I’ve gathered relative to Lee Oswald’s early years is the simple fact that he was by any standard quite normal if not intellectually above his peers. After all, any kid who prefers museums and the zoo to aimless wandering in search of “something” strikes me as a rather decent sort. I consider the long discredited Warren Report yet another attempt to murder Oswald a second time. And, for what it’s worth, I’d much prefer an afternoon with Lee Harvey Oswald than would I an afternoon with the psychotic Allen Dulles or the nimble nitwit, Gerald Ford.


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