4 comments on “TLG PODCAST Ep. 43 ~ Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. The incident did not happen in Switzerland. A pplied for political asylum and was sheltered by sweden over ten months there. Because I was a US citizen I could not be accepted as an immigrant. Viglund was exposed contacting my handler and demanding to know my location in Sweden, personally standing in her office and trying to get her to reveal my locationm. Sghe said she would do so if he would write down his name, etc. and what questions he wanted answered. he walked out. He mistranslated material and misreported a great deal. They blew up to a mountain a simple statement by friends that I had received political asylum when actually I had applied for it. Viglund also got wrong the fact that he said i did not leave until i had tried everything possible to stay and that it was incorrect that I could have stayed two or three more years. Wrong.. On the contrary, i left after two court decisions and did not make my tird application for such a decision. Many in the political asylum seekers program, such as I was, make all three attempts and then wait–often as long as ten ears–as the courts will then often out off making a third decision for years. However, by then I had made enough arrangements to leave temporarily. Currently, I am able to live in Sweden half the time. I have done so since 2007 because of the warm welcome and support I received there from the very beginning. They told me form the beginning that they could not keep me, but after reviewing everything, they asked how long did I need to get into a safe position. I told them until May 15, but at that time stoll wans;t ready. They gave me another two months, at which times I wass able to set up residence in Instanbul and also in Sweden. I returned to Sweden just two weeks after leaving and have lived in Sweden up to 90 days at a time ever since. The fact that you were told this happened in Switzerland shows just how inaccurate all the rumors and accusations can get.


  2. REGARDING KERRY THORNLEY AND YOUR INPERFECT INFORMATION ON HIM: TIME TO EXPOSE KERRY THORNLEY, who betrayed Lee Oswald to the Warren Commission before changing his mind before the HSCA and saying it was he, not Lee Oswald, who wanted to kill Kennedy and who became involved with people in New Orleans. His statement that he was not living in New Orleans at the time I state that he was–having met him May 8 with Lee and having briefly spotted him on May 28, is being used by some Australians and others to discredit me. Below, I present two strong arguments as to my credibility and why Kerry Thornley’s account should be viewed as untruthful.
    FIRST:: Harold Weisberg (whom i personally met in 1999) interviewed Douglas Jones of Jones Printing twice. Jones got an order from Lee to print up the famous FPCC “Hands Off Cuba” flyers. His small shop was not far from Reily’s where Lee and I were working at the time.
    Weisberg had learned that somebody ELSE — not Lee– had picked up the flyers. Who was it? Weisberg had his suspicions as to who it was. Read here what Weisberg learned in 1967 from Douglas Jones:
    “Fortunately, Jones had nobody else with him at the time and I was able to interview him immediately. I told him he probably could not make a positive identification with the time that had passed and no reason to pay any special attention to the man who picked that Oswald handbill job up but I’d like to
    hand him a fat stack of pictures and ask him to pick out any who most closely resembled that man. There were about a hundred pictures, many mug shots, of men from coast to coast, most having no connection of any kind with the assassination or its investigations. Without any reluctance Jones looked at all those pictures. From them he selected four, all of them the same man who looked a little different in some and radically different in one. In it he had a
    (p 367) [a] luxurious beard! Jones was firm in his identification, in picking that one man, and in rejecting all the others, including several of Oswald, one of which was the New Orleans mug shot of his August, 1963 arrest there.
    I thanked Jones. I did not tell him whose pictures he had selected and insisted were the pictures of the man who picked that Oswald handbill print job up.
    He had selected pictures of a man who had served briefly in the Marines with Oswald, Kerry Thornley. Him alone.

    Click to access Itai-18.pdf

    I stated in the book ME & LEE that I spotted Kerry Thornley at Lee’s apartment on May 28. Lee’s flyers were printed, according the Warren Commission, Volume XXV: CE 2548 – FBI report ce_2548 that the “copies printed of “Hands Off Cuba” FPCC handbills from Jones Printing Company, 422 Girod Street, New Orleans,[were printed May 29, 1963…” Obviously, Thornley could not have picked them up before May 29. Therefore my statement that Thornley was in town on May 28 stands unchallenged except by my detractors.
    Taking Kerry’s word over the word of a witness and therefore writing a book review trashing the Me & Lee book over this one witness reveals a lack of judgment and responsibility. Trolls, especially, do this kind of thing. Before going any further, readers should know that Kerry Thornley also later thought he had implants in his head and that he was part of a Nazi breeding program.
    While Garrison played hi-jinks, yes, with a photo, according to some of his detractors, (1) not all the neighbors were shown the photos, (2) other neighbors who were interviewed did not see the photo and still brought forth details that they had seen Thornley near or at Lee’s apartment. The man could not be trusted
    to give his own name. He called himself Omar Kayyam. “Writing in February 1964, a few months after his arrival in the Washington, D.C. area, Thornley made a brief reference to President Kennedy’s assassination:
    The whole thing was very interesting for awhile, the assassination, because—on the surface—there was good reason for the unenlightened SS (sic) and F.B.I. to suspect I might’ve had a hand in it. We had some polite conversations and finally, I guess, I was cleared. No word from them lately. I hope, though, my move to this area scared the piss out of ‘em. Whether or not I’ll be asked to put my 2 cents in at the Warren hearing, I don’t know. Or care. When it is all over, though, I may yet go piss on JFK’s grave, RIP.”
    REF: https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php…
    Thornley’s statement to the FBI, made in abject fear when interrogated, was that he left New Orleans in early May, even though he did slip and say that his parents sent him money for a bus ticket so he could spend the SUMMER with them. In his Grand Jury testimony, he makes a slip when he says he had his rent PAID UP A MONTH IN ADVANCE. This man had so little money at the time that he would have stayed through to the end of the rent period, Why did he mention it? Because he knew the records would show he had paid rent all the way
    through May. If you think he’d really leave before going through that month of
    paid rent, you do not know Kerry Thornley. See p. 39 of his Grand Jury testimony. On p. 40 he lies to the Grand jury and says he “didn’t know” Lee was in town in May when HE was there, even though he was grilled by the FBI after the assassination and was well aware of WHEN Lee Oswald was in New Orleans. This obvious lie should show you that Thornley’s statement cannot be trusted.
    He next states that he never saw Lee Oswald again “after Atsugi..no, El Toro…” –this would later outrage the Grand Jury.
    Next, he forgot that he told the Grand Jury that his parents sent him money to come visit them that summer, and that anybody’s son would live with his parents at least a few days after arriving in California. He doesn’t mention them at all, and though he states where he worked, he cannot remember where he lived except it was in a ‘big white building’ at one time and ‘a big hotel’ at another…cannot remember what he paid for rent, either… He is trying to show he was working right away but not giving any information as to specific addresses (because there were’t any), saying he only remembers rent rates that were very high or very low. When he does come up with some details,
    So he arrives in California but forgets he was supposed to be going there to
    visit his parents. Instead, he starts describing all the places he worked,
    though he cannot remember where he lived– which could be checked in their
    rent records. WHY does not stay with his parents?
    Because he has to fill up all the month of May and his parents would have said
    –unless warned to lie about it–that he did not see them until early June, which
    technically, by the way, is the start of summer. No, he does not go and stay with his parents (p. 42) Even though he said that is why he went to California. He does not mention his parents at all until they take him to Tijuana –this is September, after, he says, he was fired from a job. It seems evident that the work history he talks about could have begun in June, not May, and that he probably did not stay anywhere but with his parents when he began working, to save money.
    Pretending he lived here and there and only mentioning his parents by September is very odd, but I REPEAT,–he would first have gone to stay with his parents, would not have stayed in a white building or in a big hotel –both left unnamed– right away as he claimed. WHY? Because he had very little money and had earlier claimed he did not have enough money for food on the trip up.
    He said he stayed on the bus and didn’t even get out to eat. But suddenly, Thornley has enough money to pay rent–before getting his first paycheck? We are supposed to believe Thornley survived somehow until his girst paycheck–or that his parents gave him money to stay elsewhere instead of his coming
    to live with them –at least for a few days first. Think about it, and see that he lied.
    You can read how he sometimes had no money for food..which is why, when we saw him, I mention’how skinny he was.


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