4 comments on “ON THE PASSING OF GARY MACK by Gayle Nix Jackson

  1. The loss of Gary Mack is a loss of integrity. Conspiracy or non conspiracy Mack had time to show weather it was theory or fact and always very willing to listen.


  2. Miss Jackson; Some how, I think we have all failed in some way or other, over the way we conduct ourselves; and I am sure that Mr. Mack was no different. I myself have learned, later rather than sooner; that manners were one of the first things that go out the window, so I “try” to be as polite as possible; whether in person or on paper; at least, better late than never…but the truth is; I am, and have been, a Christian now, for just over twenty years! I am so very far from perfect it’s not even funny! But, perfect isn’t what i’m striving for! I am trying to “set an example for myself by trying to please Jesus Christ…and that isn’t that hard to do.
    With regard to your film…i’ll pray that you get what you want! And, if it is any consolation for Mr. Mack: On z frame #478 ( been there all along! ) you can see four (perhaps six) people; all men, behind the stockade fence, and guess what? You guessed it! The first man- the gunman, is wearing a policeman’s uniform and s holding a rifle; the second man is standing directly behind him, and ( you know what he has on!) he has on a “hard hat!” He is also talking into what appears to be a hand held radio, in his right hand! Guy # 3? Guy # 3 looks like he’s also wearing a police uniform! He also is as bald as an eagle! He is “looking over/above” #2…as if he’s standing with one foot on the fence and one foot on the bumper of a parked car! ( I think it’s Roscoe White!)
    Man number four, is ‘peering” from around the side of # 3 ( our right )…and THEY ARE ALL LOOKING….RIGHT AT THE VIEWER/PHOTOGRAPHER – Abraham Zapruder! Wow!
    It is CREEPY…but satisfying; satisfying that both Gary Mack and Mark White were….right after all!
    —D.E. Mitchell
    …p.s.- you know, when America learns the truth-and most of us already do..America will actually start to get better again…but not until then. DM


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