1. I havent until recently looked in detail much at the JFK Oswald case but replaying Nigel Turners 1988 – 2003 documentaries sparked my interests a few mths ago, so forgive me if Im ignorant of some things.

    With regards to this Carcano rifle that Oswald supposidly ordered in March 1963 does anyone out there know whether it was really bought ? because if it was its whereabouts is one the key missing things in the whole assassination. As I understand the rifle they claimed was found wasn’t the one shipped to him – wrong serial number.

    This fact raises the question whether Oswald, who may have been undercover investigating the plot, sabotarged their plans having agreed to fire shots but not delivering the rifle that day and being in the lunchroom instead – maybe claiming he injured his hand etc….

    The issue of him being undercover then raises the issue why it wasnt reported up to the White House ? Could the reason be it was reported to higher people in their chain of command then was never passed on ? And was then Oswald was reported to the assassination plotters who then decided to pin the assassination on him ?

    Could it therefore be before Oswald entered the scene that the assassination was to pinned on someone else working at TSBD ? If so who ? Were any Cubans working there ?


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