4 comments on “THE DALLAS ACTION~PT.73: “Oswald, Angelo, And RFK”, With Joan Mellen

  1. Joan Mellen has made important contributions, and I consider myself an admirer of her work. But she is problematic in a few areas.

    1. She simply has a huge bug up her ass about RFK. Nothing she says about Bobby can be trusted.

    2. Her writings on Crisman rely on the so-called “easy paper” (as they were nicknamed a few decades ago). She has yet to figure out what a lot of people figured out back in the 1970s — that the true author of those documents was, almost certainly, Fred Crisman himself. They certainly don’t read like any REAL CIA report I’ve ever seen.

    3. I am glad that she focuses in an Beckham. He’s important, and his interviews with HSCA investigators deserve more attention. But nobody these days is paying attention to the most important fact about Beckham: The guy was a lifelong con artist, of the “Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of Dr. Good” tradition. I’m quite sure that he really did know Ferrie and co. “back in the day,” but we have to find some way to deal with the credibility issue.


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