3 comments on “Death Deception, (The Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald), Part III. By S.r. “Dusty” Rohde.

  1. I was under the impression that the 6.5 “pristine” bullet was fired with a sabot from a larger caliber rifle.
    For whatever reason (sub-sonic? leaky? miscalculation?) It was underpowered and failed to penetrate completely. That is why the track could not be found.

    A get-away boat pilot in the plot supplied the sabot information and also mentioned “frangibles”.


  2. All this material and arguments about the head photos needs to be contrasted against the Zupruder footage where you literally see poor Kennedys head almost explode when the shot from the picket fence hit him.

    The reason there was no brain to examine is most of it got vaporized by a special soft point bullet.
    Half of his skull was blasted away.

    Any idiot can see the autopsy photos were faked / substituted.

    It just shows us what a bunch of stupid ameuters they were creating these photos of a intact head but they were sprung when Grogan got hold of the Zupruder film. You need to realize these people werent very bright at all.

    And if you knew who the guy was running this whole show – and I do – youd understand why the whole thing was such a clumsy clown like effort and such a fiasco that they got caught. When you employ a clown you get a circus and clown like performance.


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