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You have found the home of the grassroots JFK research community…the 22NovemberNetwork! This sight is meant to be a beacon for all the great JFK researchers who do this because of a drive…a passion. The researchers who don’t have PhD’s or huge book, T.V., or book deals. There is much great research going on as we speak, and if you have something, this is the place for you. If you love discussing the assassination with like minded people, this is the place for you. Your new home for the grassroots JFK research community!
Home to The Dallas Action podcast with Doug Campbell …

We are also humbled and honored to have Len Osanic and Black Op Radio as part of our network. His historically important and groundbreaking show will also be featured and promoted on 22NovemberNetwork! His weekly shows will be promoted here with links and overviews every Friday! Welcome to the family Len!

Thoughts from Across the Pond by Francesca Akhtar (The Grassy Knoll Girl)…you can find her most excellent and informative JFK blog HERE

The View from Texas by Gayle Nix Jackson! Visit her website HERE!
And JFK: UNSEEN by Martin Rigby!

Down The Rabbit Hole w/Popeye

We are pleased to announce a new friend of the family! FEDERALJACK.COM You can find his most recent show there and past shows in his vast archive. An excellent contemporary analyst on conspiracy and current events, you will find something to spark your interest there…show him some love people!

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  1. Hi Doug,i caught your last spots on BOR and thought i’d check out your blog.I really enjoy your podcasts,do you have any plans to get them on Itunes?I listen to podcasts at work and its a real hassle to download onto Iphone with spreaker.
    Keep up the good work.


    • Thank you sir! At this time, no plans for iTunes… Spreaker is where it’s at for now, but you don’t have to download, you can just stream play the episode…we record directly into Spreaker so we would have to download the audio ourselves and we are not “Apple” guys and have no idea how iAnything works…


  2. Hello,
    Glad to see other forums take up where EF and others left off. Keep it going there’s more to unravel. In response to the Harry Olsen piece thanks for clearly demonstrating the official story doesn’t play. Though I must say the WC gets a bad rep, they included all the evidence which shreds the official conclusion. Why would they? They routinely led witnesses away from supporting the Oswald did it theory, granted they then ended that line of questioning but never amended the record to take out the contradictions. Something bigger is in play. Call it an issue of national security.


  3. Good job… I might interject a thought however. There’s no doubt that our main government worked hard to cover up the conspiracy of JFK’s murder. But I think too many people assume – then, that the government must have killed JFK. Why else would they cover it up? I’d suggest that only rogue members of the govt, CIA, FBI, etc, were involved in the assassination. Even Bobby Kennedy realized that it needed to be hidden. The mob used Oswald as a patsy because he was working with the Kennedy’s on a secret mission to put intelligence officers in Cuba. To the mob Oswald was just a rat. They hated the Kennedy’s, along with the right wing oil millionaires of Dallas, and with the arrogant, egotistical men in place like Dulles, Murchison, and LBJ, the assassination was the perfect boiling pot.

    If Bobby Kennedy urged an investigation then the assassination would have been uncovered. But he didn’t. I believe it is because he knew that the government was deep in bed with the mob and that if the assassination would have been unraveled then the whole world would learn of all the clandestine operations. Bobby new Oswald and knew that he was a patsy. The mob had forced him between a rock and a hard place.

    I believe Bobby Kennedy ran for office in 1967 to correct the wrongs and to expose the mob. I also believe that they killed him too. And I think anyone in the future that tries to do so will be stopped as well.


    • Hello John. It is difficult to determine just how far the tentacles of corruption reached, (as to who all was involved), certainly not the entire government. It is equally clear that there was a concerted effort by multiple people in various areas of government employ involved in the set-up, the murders, the frame up and the continuing cover-up. This was also the 60’s, a different time and different society. A society that would have been thunderstruck to learn of the level of involvement of some individuals working so closely with organized crime.I have little doubt that Bobby Kennedy would have gone after those involved with murdering his brother, had he been elected President. In fact, I fully expected that to happen, so did a lot of other people.As I look back in the past 60 plus years, I’ve come to think that Ted Kennedy’s car accident at Chappaquidic (probably didn’t spell that right), probably was no accident, but an attempt on his life.

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      • Interesting thoughts. Especially about Ted. But I too watched Ted Kennedy bumblemuck his way out of that mess, and the ensuing years showed me that he was just a disinterested, selfish man who thought his job in the senate was to lead a fight against the opposing party, and not to actually make any difference for the country. He will forever be a POS in my mind and I believe he killed that girl because he wasn’t strong enough willed to help anyone but himself. We my never know on this earth, but if I learn otherwise on Judgment Day I will be surprised. At this point I’m actually looking forward more to see on Judgment Day what Hillary Clinton actually did during her life. Meanwhile, I feel certain Kennedy was killed for greed by the politicians of that era, both Democrat and Republican, and that they possibly used mob connections to get it done. And I do believe Bobby was killed by the same people who killed his brother. I’m not convinced it was the mob. The mob simply did not and still don’t have the type of psychological resources to pull off what happened on that tragic night in California. Sirhan still does not know why he pulled that trigger, nor does he even know that he did. I just can’t believe the people who mesmerized him into doing that were simpleton thugs.


      • Hi John. For years, I have to admit, I wasn’t overly fond of Ted Kennedy. Also for years, (and I was pretty young at the time this event happened), I assumed the information about Ted Kennedy being drunk, driving the car off the bridge, etc, was all supposedly true. It is only in the past few years, since seeing a great deal of evidence that I have reassessed my views on whether or not Ted was set up. At this point, I’m fairly convinced that Ted was indeed set up. I was never a fan of Ted’s politics, and probably never will be. The mob was involved in the assassination, there is little doubt of that, but it goes much, much deeper than that. Oddly enough, ever since the assassination, the CIA has been under the microscope for years…and yet, the FBI for the most part, has slid in under the wire, getting very little of the blame. But, the FBI was knee deep involved in the assassination, the cover-up and the fraudulent evidence presented to the Warren Commission. They also destroyed a large amount of key evidence in the case. It’s far past due that someone took a very deep look at the FBI’s role.


      • Agreed. Comey’s behavior before and since the election proves they are shady. The CIA and FBI have both gone rogue. And in my opinion the entire government is an underground establishment. And they factor the legitimacy of that based on the idea that we need a mommy and daddy who don’t tell us the bad things. Meanwhile they allow criminals like Hillary Clinton to flagrantly abuse the secrecy laws of our nation in order to hide her own criminal activity while on the government payroll. Now Obama is wiretapping the opponent’s party phones? It is never going to end. George Bush Sr. is clearly seen in a photograph in Dealy Plaza on the day JFK was assassinated. We know from witnesses that he and LBJ met the previous night. LBJ ducked as they turned in front of the book depository because he was afraid they wanted him dead too – but he definitely knew bullets were going to be fired. Amazing and gallant of him to leave his precious ladybird sitting straight up, wondering what he was doing on the floor. I have to admit this government is about a sneaky as they come, and they filled us with horror stories about how atrocious the Russians and other countries were all during the cold war years. I seriously have high hope for President Trump to come out swinging on Comey, the entire FBI and the CIA and that he doesn’t get sucked into their ruse of legitimacy over our right to freedom and democracy.


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