16 comments on “TLG PODCAST EP.42 ~ PUNCHIN’ JUDY

  1. This is JVB. From the first sentence, you err in your description of my work and testimony. You wrote ‘she has recently made several claims and various researchers have been taking her to task as of late.” In fact, I have been speaking out for fifteen years. These are mostly the same people who have opposd me from the beginning. None of them ever met me for more than a minute, except Debra Conway, whose biography of Lee Oswald, co-written with David Lifton ,was axed after their publishers saw my evidence files. That was 15 years ago, but she and Lifton never forgave. Lifton went so far as to say I was friends with Osama Bin Laden, soon after 9-11, which was actually quoted to me recently by one of the ‘researchers’ you showcase here. Pamela Brown incorrectly reported that i was asked to leave a booth at Lancer that she implied i somehow invaded. My publisher had purchased a booth there, and I was wit him until asked by FRIENDS to join them at their booth. I left quickly in order to speak at my own conference.. Pamela Brown created a fake story, but. has yet to ‘find’ me. From the false statement that I claimed Carlos Marcello paid for a hotel room for Me and Lee, to Greg Parker’s ignorant and quickly disproved statement that I probably met William S. Oswald III instead of Lee Oswald, the number one flaw is that they had never read Me & Lee, my magnum opus. Their ‘research’ came from the Internet with its fifteen years of various versions of what I actually said and did. In contrast, many researchers over the years set aside their initial doubts, examined me closely, and now support me. Some may be controversial and I may not support everything they say, but i seek unity, not division. If you think Lee stood in the doorway of the TSBD, which I cannot quite prove, I will not discard you over such a detail. I will embrace you as one with a controversial theory but with your heart in the right place. For such a reason, disparate persons whose stories might differ from what their critics like have joined me in unity for a common cause. They believe Lee Oswald is innocent and they want justice for JFK. We need to stop tearing at each other. My goal is to unite us, not to divide us. Our differences can be sorted out later. Right now, we need to focus on getting the message of Lee Oswald’s innocence and the need for justice for John F. Kennedy to the people. I am doing that right now. As i addressed 800 people in Canada with that message last November, as I spoke, and, later, iwas asked to give the blessing on the food at September’s Washington Conference dinner honoring Dr. Cyril Wecht, or as I addressed just six at Oak Ridge, in every case, the Cause moved forward to clear Lee’s name.I was interviewed 80 times and spoke in 30 cities in 2014, all expenses paid by those who want the message of Lee’s innocence and how he was framed to reach the people. Now, those who impede me and the thousands with me, are doing a disservice. Greg Parker announced –on my private page– he had an agenda – to destroy me. He posted this for my closest friends to read –then complained when they ardently defended me. Had I posted on Parker’s home page that I had an agenda and wanted to destroy him, his friends would have just as vehemently come to his defense, yet he accused me of having a ‘cult’ because they had defended me there, as well as against his prior claims elsewhere. I told the truth, but can’t even recognize the hearsay versions on the Internet from which he, Fleming, Jedro and S. quoted. They did not read ME & LEE and irritated many of my friends with their twisted version of the truth so evident in their questions. Now that Anna Lewis is safely dead, they can say she wasn’t a good witness. I and those with me are dedicated to the same goals you are supposed to have–and as we work to help bring Lee’s innocence forward as a fact, we will either compel the government to reopen the case, or we will take it to the world and let the voice of the people of America be heard. 2015 is THE year to accomplish this, after the 50th anniversary and then the 51st anniversary of the ill-fated Warren Commission Report. Catch the vision. . It’s our turn. Efforts to divide us do not consider how it hurts the ultimate goal. Go ahead and attack me after we get this work done, if you wish. Pillory me after I’m dead. I am a witness. I am reaching the people. Let’s hope i get equal time to present my side of things here. Contact me on Facebook at ‘Judyth Baker.’ We are making a true difference across America and opposition of course is to be expected. Once again, I urge you to set aside your prejudice. See the progress we’re making. The group that criticizes me had its chance to make a profound difference, but they didn’t. Change is coming. Be part of it, .Join the JFK Assassination Conference. Judyth Vary Baker


  2. One more comment–just to show you the kind of questions put to me…and by Parker, which, though better worded, revealed the same abysmal ignorance because he, too, never read the book… CARMINE SAVASTANO
    1) “I do not need to read your books after assessing your claims against the evidence.” (INSULT)
    2) What about you never being in the Swedish asylum program”.(FALSE STATEMENT).
    3) “…or having any proof you knew a single person you claimed with verifiable evidence,” (FALSE)
    4) “Why does your name not appear in any of the original files?” (GOOD QUESTION)
    5) “You claimed that Carlos Marcello paid for a room for you and Oswald any proof more than your words?(FALSE STATEMENT, never happened) HE WENT ON TO WRITE: You do not know me, nor I you. i do not need to claim things about you to distract from your many unproven claims….DOES ANYONE WITHOUT PREJUDICE FEEL THAT THIS MAN QUESTIONED ME PROPERLY? Parker and Jedro wrote articles without consulting me and published them, errors and all, and failing to cite sources that, in fact, were often inaccurate. Parker then posted on my pages his intention to destroy me and then griped when my friends vigorously defended me.That’s all I will say here. You can use the ‘she refuses to reply’ card but I have a lot of work to do and impaired vision, so I have to use time wisely. But I challenge every open–minded person here to read ME & LEE. See for yourself what witnesses, documents and arguments I have, and how it fits together. It’s only fair.


    • A constructive comment Judyth – if you had any photos of you and Lee together that would help to clear up things and demolish these doubters.

      I tend to believe your story.


  3. The controversy goes on… Lets hope Truth and solid evidence prevail ad someday maybe we can find out for sure who was behind that fence…


  4. This JVB woman clearly is delusional and suffers from an advanced case of paranoid schizophrenia. Her psychotic fantasies have advanced to a degree that she actually believes her own fairy tales. After going through her writings I am convinced she never knew LHO. Rob Clark deserves a lot of credit for his straight talk.


  5. Regarding yet another podcast where Glen Viglund speaks, which says the incident occurred in Switzerland, the incident did not happen in Switzerland. Applied for political asylum in 2007 and was sheltered by Sweden over ten months there. Because I was a US citizen I could not be accepted as an immigrant. Viglund was exposed contacting my handler and demanding to know my location in Sweden, personally standing in her office and trying to get her to reveal my location. She said she would do so if he would write down his name, etc. and what questions he wanted answered. he walked out. He mistranslated material and misreported a great deal. They blew up to a mountain a simple statement by friends that I had received political asylum when actually I had applied for it. Viglund also got wrong the fact that he said i did not leave until i had tried everything possible to stay and that it was incorrect that I could have stayed two or three more years. Wrong.. On the contrary, i left after two court decisions and did not make my tird application for such a decision. Many in the political asylum seekers program, such as I was, make all three attempts and then wait–often as long as ten ears–as the courts will then often out off making a third decision for years. However, by then I had made enough arrangements to leave temporarily. Currently, I am able to live in Sweden half the time. I have done so since 2007 because of the warm welcome and support I received there from the very beginning. They told me form the beginning that they could not keep me, but after reviewing everything, they asked how long did I need to get into a safe position. I told them until May 15, but at that time still wasn’tt ready. They gave me another two months, at which times I wass able to set up residence in Instanbul and also in Sweden. I returned to Sweden just two weeks after leaving and have lived in Sweden up to 90 days at a time ever since. The fact that you were told this happened in Switzerland shows just how inaccurate all the rumors and accusations can get. It is easy to keep stating I am delusional, etc. That comes with the territory: discredit the witness every possible way. But the facts need to be stated as they really are, not through hostile sources.



  6. Judyth Baker speaks again about her asylum seeker episode, and yet again she is lying about what happened. You see Judyth, as long as you continue to lie, censor or misrepresent anything I’ve said or done – or about your time as an asylum seeker, I will respond from now on. You have misrepresented me and what I have said and/or did for the last time without being properly and thoroughly answered and debunked.

    A piece of advice, first. Any further lies about me or about the work I have done related to you, I will let some judicial experts and friends of mine have close look at. If they find any reason for me to take action against you in a court of law, this is what I will do. You see, I’m very, very tired of you repeatedly running around the Internet misrepresenting the work I did, what I said at the Education Forum five years ago or anything else where you are stating untrue things about me publicly.

    In fact, I would welcome an opportunity to once and for all get to hear from those handlers of yours in Sweden that you claim I met with or those agents that you claim escorted you to Sweden in 2007. I, of course, know with absolute certainty that none of this is true and did not happen, but it would be very explanatory for anyone else to see how you concoct various fantasies at will and to have a court of law verify this simple fact. Last year yu referred to me as “mentally disturbed” and a stalker, in the comment section of a New Orleans newspaper, when I raised a couple of questions to Milegan of Trine Day. And then you had me censored. Really brave, Ms Baker. Moreover, stalking you would certainly be impossible, considering the massive amount of Internet postings you have done all over the Internet over the past ten years. I’ve commented twice in six years in comment sections about you.

    Readers of this should be aware that what Ms Baker is repeatedly doing to me, she is also doing to a number of other researchers that have looked deeply into her story and whom have all come to realize that her story about Oswald and all the rest, is pure BS: David Reitzes, Barb Junkkarinen, Greg Parker, Pamela Brown, Jack White, Stephen Roy. Just to name a few.

    To make sure that you, Ms Baker, understand – and to let readers of this site see – I will give an example as to how you deliberately and with full intent to mischaracterize me, are making up fantasies out of thin air, infested with lies.

    Just last week, Carmine Savastano asked you a few questions at the Vindication FB site of yours. One of the questions, about the asylum seeker status, of yours related to me:

    This is how you answered.


    (2) “What about you never being in the Swedish asylum program”..
    The accusation has evolved,. It once was:”What about you being denied political asylum?”
    Just to show you what ‘my claims’ are that S. accesses –WITHOUT talking to me — WITHOUT reading my books– here is a tiny bit of what was published by McAdams’ Swedish contact, Glenn Viklund, who wrote:

    “In 2008, I provided some information regarding Judyth Bakers asylum process in Sweden…I’ve been requested from time to time to provide my views on this.”

    ==HE THEN SET FORTH A SERIES OF LIES (Perhaps because of a bad translation from Swedish?) :
    He wrote ..”Has it been mentioned that …she worked for the CIA in the Mormon Church,,,” [A BRAZEN LIE!]
    “…that she had met Osama Bin Laden …” 
    [Viklund, after posting this, was informed by others that David Lifton,
    who has spread many lis about me, made this story up and it was not true — though it was still on the Internet]
    “…and was involved in (which war) the anti-war movement….”[?????]
    “…and after Hungary went to Greece?” Finally, a true statement! In fact, because I entered the EU from Hungary, Swedish authorities originally were going to send me right back to Hungary, for EU law says a political asylum seeker can only seek political asylum in the FIRST EU country they enter. 


    See Judyth, unlike your fan club members, I both know how to and actually do check on facts when researching. In this case I immediately knew from memory that you were lying and that you made this stuff up in order to smear me and the work I’ve done about you.

    First, you used some of what I had written in my personal presentation at the Education Forum: This is what I’ve written there, back i 2010:

    “I am a Swedish citizen, economist by profession. My interest in JFK-case started back in the seventies when the congress committe started it’s work. I lived in Sacramento, California at the time and consumed all I could get my hands on regarding their investigation. Since then I’ve followed the debate from a distance so to speak, but always fascinated with the ongoing controversy.

    In 2008, I provided some information regarding Judyth Bakers asylum process in Sweden, and as this issue keeps coming back, I’ve been requested from time to time to provide my views on this.”

    That’s where you got the last paragraph. And then you move on, in true Judyth Baker fashion. Shamelessly mixing this with what another member of the forum wrote, in that same thread (John Dolva):

    [Posted by John Dolva on 14 March 2010 – 05:06 PM in JFK Assassination Debate]

    “Has it been mentioned that she was a Socialist who didn’t like Castro and that she worked for the CIA in the Mormon Church, that she had met Osama Bin Laden and was involved in (which war) the anti-war movement and after Hungary went to Greece? ”

    And there it is. This is what you do, Judyth. Are you proud of the way you are making this stuff up?

    Where, Ms Baker, exactly am i “setting forth a series of lies”?

    And you do it repeatedly, with regards to your asylum seeker episode in Sweden. This shows what you are and who you are. This was not done in 1963, this was done this year. That’s what everyone who considers your story should think a little bit about.

    In my opinion this is an example of how someone in complete lack of integrity and honesty acts. I don’t know exactly what your problem really is all about. What I do know is that you are making things up out of thin air, lies frequently and that you are prepared to do much anything to discredit others. You have all the reasons in the world to be ashamed of yourself and of what you are doing.

    Be aware, Ms Baker. This kind of behavior related to me is going to stop. Your pathetic Internet crusade is built on nothing but thin air.

    //Glenn Viklund

    PS. Ms Baker’s posting above is just more BS. Anyone interested in what really happened in Sweden and what kind of a person Judyth Baker is, should read the essay about her entire asylum seeker episode that I finally got around to write in April of 2014:


    Following a short introduction in Swedish, it’s all in English. And should be an eye-opener to most.

    Very tired. I would hope that you are listening very carefully to this advice as it will not be told again.


      • No problem, Rob. For some reason it’s not unusual that americans mix those countries up, so I’m used to this 🙂

        BTW, when I thought about what JVB falsely attributed to me, written by John Dolva, I remembered a couple of additional things about what Mr Dolva wrote. Which only makes her accusations of me all the more outlandish.

        The posting by Mr Dolva that I inserted above is, in fact, exactly what is in the Migration Courts decision – as told, word by word by Baker herself. Except the part about “that she met with Bin Laden”. John Dolva had a copy of the Courts decision had translated it from Swedish to English and he got that part wrong. And so – I, in fact, told him so right in that very thread: “No she didn’t claim to have met with Bin Laden, she told them that this had been said on the Internet”.

        In other words. In the citation above, that Baker had stolen from Dolva and attributed to me – I had done nothing less than actually told everyone that this claim was not correct!

        Still, this woman has the audacity to tell people that I’ve been part of spreading that rumour. It should tell people a little something about Bakers methods and her complete outlandishness.


  7. Hi Rob, first time I’ve heard your podcast. Excellent show on Baker. Completely agreed with your assessments of the top 20 books for sale and for the reasons given. I also saw that you did a show on Mae Brussell, good on you for that as well.


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